Hearing protection and Music

I do many shop-type things; power tools, leaf blowers, etc. I have tried several different Bluetooth enabled Over the ear and in-ear headphones. They all suck so far. My biggest complaint is they need to block more noise to allow for safe listening levels while I work. I am a huge audiobook fan, as well as my music.

Apple pod pro: active noise canceling. My verdict is they suck battery, the audio is pretty mediocre for the price, charging case is finicky for the power supply you plug it into, aka Not any old USB port will charge them. ffs.

I have two over-the-ear types, and they do not block enough noise to be of use; they’d be fine on a bus but useless for my purposes. I don't recall the brands. Poor seals prevent them from blocking loud noise enough to keep the volume down; the audio is quite bad and lo-fi.

I have been seeing a load of ads for brands that claim they will do what I want; Genuine hearing protection plus audio at safe levels.

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You may be expecting too much. I use Sennheiser Momentum when I mow or use my gas powered trimmer. They are adequate for that noise level but you certainly can’t expect high fidelity. I would equate it to listening to the radio while driving on the interstate at 75. I know of no device or technology that will let you achieve what you want.Those who work in industrial high noise areas wear ear plugs or ear muffs without any electronics.


I do a lot of machine work and wear hearing protection.  I don't try to listen during the noisy part.  I've never found sound enabled hearing protection to provide good hearing protections  I use good  over-the-ear protection, and if it is really lound, then I use foam earplugs underneath.

Additinally, trying to listen while making a lot of noise will have you turning your book or music up so loud that it is not a danger to your hearing.

Unless you have unusual hobbies, the noisy part is short.  finish it quickly and go back to streaming.


you need ones used by helicopter pilots. they block everything except signal

Battery powered lawn equipment are much quieter and usually have more torque than comparable gas versions. I don't feel the need for hearing protection now doing the lawn.

As others have said, when doing loud work, wear quality hearing protection and don't attempt to listen to music at the same time.

Battery powered lawn equipment are much quieter and usually have more torque than comparable gas versions. I don't feel the need for hearing protection now doing the lawn.

+1. All my yard equipment has been battery powered for the past 14 years and not only is it much quieter, I have done zero maintenance over that time except for occasionally sharpening the mower blade and replacing the string on the weed wacker.  No gas, no oil, no fumes, and less noise — I’ll never own gas-powered lawn equipment ever again.  And Ego now makes great battery-powered equipment and use lithium batteries that last a looooong time.  I think California is actually going to ban gas-powered lawn/yard care equipment for landscapers in the near future, so it’s coming.  I think that’s great because all my neighbors use landscaping companies and I have to close my windows due to both fumes and noise which is annoying, and then there’s the environment.  Anyway…

It’s not really environmentally friendly to convert to battery, if you factor in all carbon cost just build them. Only thing I’ve got that’s gas is leaf blower. I’ve got shooting headphones but they are poor fidelity. I’ve had custom ear pieces for my motorcycle they are quite good but a broken wire has them in the to be repaired file. Compressible foam type or triple rubber insert will probably be ok too. I use a wood lathe, that makes some noise. Working on my car, impact tools. I was hoping a Motörhead like me has or is on the same path. Protection plus audio.