Hearing loss , speakers or headphones ?

Hello hello kind forum folks. I have substantial high hearing loss, about the top octave and a half of the piano. I’m a jazz a drummer and no longer hear the ride cymbal on a recording unless it’s very high in the mix. I use totem sttaf and NAD 356 AMP and nad CD player. I’ve tried many phones, not super high end. What are your suggestions ? The totems are great for solo classical piano and on jazz the bass sounds like it’s in the room. Very good. 

But For clarity on a well mixed vocal like James Taylor whose late recordings are sonically great IMO the voice sounds muddy and the bass I’ll defined. I know it’s a broad question but got me to capture some of the sonic joy with the hearing I have left what do you recommend. Headphones with an amp?

the best phones I’ve owned are the old etymotic Er 4. I now use Beyerdynamic highly isolated phones for when I have a recording project. 

Ironically i I heard a pair of audio engine powered monitors and the clarity was quite pleasing g for a five hundred dollar pair of speakers. I also use Focal powered monitors for my computer. 

Thanks fir any afvice. Differ t speakers? High end phones ?  I appreciate your help 

Sennheiser HD800(the original).Known for a slightly hot top end with very good  everything else.
+1 on the Sennheisers, they are what I use and they sound great to my 65 year old ears. I only listen to classical music so I cannot comment on jazz but they certainly do have a lot of sparkle on what I listen to.
If listening to ipod.....Entymotic in ear phones...  agree on Sennheisers as well...provide a dedicated headphone amp.
Yes forgot to say in my post they need a really good head amp as they are true 3oo ohm guzzlers. I use their HDVD 800 headamp and they really shine with that and they sound much better with a balanced cable also.
Headphones were the cause of my hearing loss, so I would not recommend them.
I suggest speaker that sounds good at lower SPL ranges many times that ends up being a large efficient speaker. I have also had good luck with planar types sounding good at lower levels. 
+1 gdnrbob
I have some high frequency hearing loss and I would not, under any circumstances, use headphones. 
thank you all, even at low volume -no headphones? any speaker recommends beyond what i own already?
Headphones do NOT cause hearing loss,irresponsible use does!!!
As for speakers I would recommend Klipsch.Need very little power,sound good at low levels and are also known to be slightly hot on the top end...
The hd800 has a high frequency resonance issue mitigated by the 800S design. I’ve heard both. 800s is a really nice headphone. I think better control would be had using an equalizer. 

Any particular klipsch?

any headphone in the 600-1000 ranges?

You could try a DSP unit like the miniDSP offerings or DSpeaker anti-mode units. These have PEQ and shelf eq abilities. You could add a rising high frequency shelf eq setting sorta like adding a treble control...
Listening to headphones at low volume is fine, it’s when you dial up the volume that it becomes a problem.  I also recommend open head phones instead of in ear headphones if possible.  The Sennheiser HD800/s are excellent.  Others, that I’ve enjoyed at the Grado PS500e, GH1 and GS1000e.  Grado headphones are just very natural and musical and they emphasize the upper range so it helps people like us with some hearing lost. :) The top of end Grado PS2000e is fantastic but out of your price range.  Btw, If you look on www.massdrop.com they have some great deals on headphones.  They recently or still have the Massdrop Sennheiser HD6xx (same as the HD600) at $250 which is a bargain. This has been my goto headphone when I can’t listen to the stereo late at night. One the best value in audio if you ask me.   Right now, they have the Massdrop Focal Elex which seem very nice.  Massdrop keeps rotating in new headphones so keep your eyes on the site. Good luck!
thanks i was just reading about the 660., really more in my price range. Cant do the HD 800 right now. I do want get a headphone amp beyond my dragonfly. I've read over and over that that really helps. I have Focal power monitors so Im interested in their phones. I heard their base model towers and they are really good.
Shure SE846 are the best IEM period. Etymotic ER4 were good once (like 20 years ago) but have long been superseded. Headphones will be easiest for audibility as there is no room reflection/reverb in the sound and these IEMs eliminate all background sound by 37dB making critical listening much easier.

For computer speakers Genelec active 8020 would be ideal they are not true reference like ATC but have a pleasing coloration with a small tilt up in the treble which should suit your hearing.

If you are doing recording projects then ATC is best as they go very loud without any change in the sound balance and little to no compression. Honestly though, if your hearing is shot (my sympathies as this must be so frustrating) then you probably should hire others to mix and master your recording projects....

FYI Clarity in sound production is a problem with a lot of modern bass heavy speakers and headphones. Resonant bass will mask midrange ruining clarity. With ER4 you have very little bass so you are on the right track. For speakers ATC are very tight. Totem tend to be mildly bass boomy and are pretty good compared to most hifi bass heavy speakers.
Sorry a correction. The Massdrop HD6xx are same as the HD650, not the 600.  I just realized the typo. 
OP if your considering headphones have a look at the new generation of Planar Magnetic cans by HiFiMan & Audeze...You basically get a speaker like Magnapan in a headphone easy to drive...They are know for highly accurate sound and have beautifully extended treble response...Also have a look at Grado and AKG,both known to be lit up on the top end...
Do you have hearing aids?
Good hearing aids will stream Bluetooth from a variety of devices. iPhone included. With lossless files might sound decent.
Or listen to whatever speaker you like with the hearing aids. My wife loves music and some Oticon hearing aids were a life changer.
Hi yes I have the oticon very good for hearing in noisy places but they give a false quality. 

I wiil check outvthe phones phones but are there any recommends for speakers with more clarity or better vocals than the totems ? Should I consider bookshelves ?