hearing everything from your vandy 5a`s

hi guys
i wonder if you guys can offer some suggestions on music that you can hear the subs, the woofers,the mids and the tweeters.in other words hearing the full range of these speakers
Pretty much any large orchestral work.
If you like organ recordings, the Reference Recordings "Felix Hell-Organ Sensation" CD will give you every octave, including notes in the 32 foot stops (20hz range). There are a lot of organ recordings with deep bass, check the archives for one from last fall on the subject. Other than some recordings with synthesizers, you'll rarely get a pop recording that gets that low, although there's plenty of recordings with bass in the 30+hz range, which many consider to be deep bass as well.
Depends what you are trying to accomplish. Sure, orchestral works are good to hear full range sound. But to assess the blending of your sub with the rest of your 5a's, I'd recommend that you get a decent recording of a string bass and listen as the bassist moves up and down the scale. My favorite for this is Ray Brown or the Ray Brown Trio. I've used Ray Brown's recordings to set up my Vandersteen 2wq subwoofers with my martin logan CLS IIz's mains. Good luck.