Hearing aids on listening to analogue music.

After 40+ years of listening to hi end analogue audio, I find that I need hearing aids to preserve what hearing I have left at the age of 67. Even now, with diminished high frequency hearing, I am quite discerning in choice of equipment, interconnects, LP's, etc. Has anyone undergone the experience of accommodating to equally high-end hearing aids?
Have you ears test and plot a frequency reponese curves of both ears. Use a quality eq. to compensate ................

My experience has been a little different, as I have become accustomed to hearing loss. I perforated each eardrum on several occasions over a 5 year period (commercial air flying while suffering from bad colds) and I have some permanent hearing loss in each ear. I never went for a hearing aid. During that time, I purchased and gave away several pairs of speakers (KEF Q55; EPOS 11; Radio Shack Pro LX5; B&W 302) as my hearing "changed," and I could not stand the speakers that I had purchased just a short time before. What worked, was not to purchase anything until my ears healed and my hearing "settled" (it took about 2 years). I would suggest the same ... get settled with the new hearing aid, make sure that you do not need to change your hearing aid and then buy what sounds good to you when you are using the aid (assuming that you will be using the aid to listen to music). BTW, headphones and loud listening are no longer options. Also, I find that items like cables & interconnects make a difference at a high sensory level (i.e.: warm; annoying treble), but subtle nuances are lost on me. Regards, Rich