Hearing Aids in 2023 .. Questions

My hearing has always been bad and audiologists have told me that they can’t help me. This is because I was born with a loud tinnitus. Now, any loud noise masks frequency bands that are needed to understand speech and I feel more like I’m listening under water. So, I’ve scheduled an appointment with an audiologist, but would like some advice.

Are there hearing aids that you want to wear when you listen to music. I’ve always considered them to provide a low quality audio path. Are there hearing aids that are better than others for listening to music?


I've been wearing hearing aids for over 20 years, and in my experience, the best quality ones sound the best for music or anything else; hearing aids are programmable, so you can have them set at one setting/curve if you're going to be at a dinner with background conversation, for example, and a completely different setting/curve if you're listening to music. There are usually about 4 or 5 different programs the audiologist can set up for you.

I would also go with custom-molded ear-pieces if you can afford them, as the better the seal, the better the sound. I wear behind the ear ones for everything but headphones, where I've got in-ear ones. 

I don't know anything about the new hearing aids you can get without an audiologist. 

My hearing isn’t that bad but I’ve been wearing hearing aids for 5 years. Long story how I ended up there but suffice it to say, we wear glasses when we have just slightly imperfect vision. Should do the same for hearing.

High end hearing aids through an audiologist can run $8000 to $12000. That is a huge markup. the audiologist I went to had a hardwood office like a law firm.

Costco sells pretty much the same thing with great customer service. Make sure you get a brand with a hifi music feather. Hearing aids are aimed at those with severe hearing loss and they use AI to make voices easier to understand which is most hearing aid user’s goal. That ruins music. The hifi music setting eliminates the AI and just lets the hearing aid act to fill in the frequencies you have lost--like and equalizer. Music sounds to me like I’m 20 again.

I am currently using the phillips from costco.  Less than $2k.


I had to get hearing aids a year ago. Moderate hearing loss. I did a ton of researchand ended up with Widex Moment 440's. Very expensive but they have an app that lets you customize the curve through a series of A/B tests for different listening environments. There are also pre-configured ones but I've set one strictly for listening to my system. I don't know of another brand that has this. I would recommend giving them a try or at least discussing this with your audiologist.