Hearing aids change the sound of the music?

I am new to wearing hearing aids and am an audio buff. I would like to know if they are changing the actual sound of the music for me.
Depends what type of hearing aids you have. I've been wearing hearing aids for over fifty years. Digital aids do change the music, to what extent is a function of the programming of the processor, and most importantly the type of microphones used in the aid. As all audiologists will tell you, 'normal' hearing is not restored by using aids, so it follows that the actual sound of music is not being restored.
I have read about some pricey hearing aids which can be set for either speech or music. Some web posts I have read suggest that the wearers are enjoying their music more with these devices than they were without them.
Rocky, this is a complex subject. After decades in this hobby I got hearing aids more that 10 years ago and still enjoy music listening. But it took some doing.

Considering your question if they change the sound of music, the answer is certainly they will for you. The problem is is that change enjoyable or not?

Except in unusual cases, we lose hearing perception gradually. Many audiophiles would not want to admit it but research shows hearing abilities begin to deteriorate after our early 20s, and more so for men than women. Normal loss is gradual and for many it may not require correction even living to 70s or 80s. For those of us who do experience significant loss to require hearing aids it will be a dramatic difference once decent aids are fitted and adjusted properly.

Modern hearing aids can do far more than simply increase perceived volume. Without getting into that I will suggest two things. First, hearing aid companies and audiologists are oriented to improve speech perception, not music. Many newer aids may include a preprogrammed music setting but that is like buying glasses at the drug store, it won't account for your specific condition. From that I recommend choosing aids with variable programs so one can be tailored for music. Then be persistent but have patience in having adjustments made so that listening to your music system is as similar to live music as possible. That may require multiple adjustments to your aid's music program.

As a result of this approach I've had a couple of friends express surprise at my abilities to discriminate variables in equipment auditions, considering I wear hearing aids. You may not be able to recover your pre-hearing loss perception levels, but you can regain enough for meaningful musical enjoyment. Good luck.
Absolutely, they have to change the sound of the music. Modern digital aides are better than the old analogue ones, heresy in HiFi circles, I know.

Firstly you are going from a state of impaired hearing, usually with progressive high tone frequency loss. This in itself will have steadily impaired your experience of music on your rig.

Secondly, just look at the size of the devices, amplification is crude at best. Perhaps there is a business opportunity in marketing "Audiophile" hearing aides. I can see my first million already.