Hearing Aid

Tried and rejected many, but yesterday I came across a  pair that doesn't sound digital, doesn't close up the sound, does only good things.  I highly recommend anyone with an interest to go to Costco and get their inexpensive Rexton units....opens up the world, eliminates the grey and lifeless sound of your stereo (..you might think yours is perfect until you put on a pair of these hearing aids).  Recommended (comes with 4 programs...#3 is a real winner.)
Stringreen ,I understand that your a violinist and I believe from New Jersey.
Without mentioning his name my cousin Ira L. Played (now retired ???) at the Met and with Mostly Mozart.Would you know him.
Will check out Costco.
sorry no....
An EQ would also work. If you are all digital, putting one before your DAC will be inaudible.


If you ever find yourself down this way in the desert or just want to hear 845's and hybrid horns my door is open to you.

Goldenera guy.....  Always interested...send an E-mail
I was just outfitted with a pair of Phonak aids from Costco. What a difference. I decided to regard these devices as another component in my audio system, which helps me psychologically to adapt. My brain should be able to take it from here. :)

Stringreen, you’ve got me interested in the Rextons. My audiologist told me that the Phonaks "are the best" for my particular situation. She’s good but she’s no audiophile. :)

Two of the most significant benefits are that now I can listen to music at much lower volumes in addition to being able to hear so much more detail. Soundstage is wide open, and if anything, there’s a bit too much detail. :) I think my brain will adjust over time- the audiologist assured me this will happen.

Technology may not be able to address all the woes of humankind, but for me, this is revelatory. I feel extremely fortunate. And yes, I understand I have a "first world" issue.
Today, I got a call to try a new hearing aid called Bernafon.  ..comes from Switzerland and I find it much better.....cleaner, clearer, much less digital, more open, etc.  (also more expensive...but)  These are my keepers.
I find the the Phonaks  very clear and open. My biggest question is to what extent, if any,  is the sparkle of high frequencies "artificial" or not.  I cannot say if they sound "digital" or not since I have nothing with which to compare them.  

yes ps...I thought the Phonaks pretty good, but too digital.  The t's, p's, k's, etc. were too exposive for me....although I would have got them had I not tried the Bernafon.
Thanks, stringreen. Since the Phonaks are my first aids, I have no reference. They do seem to add a rather "explosive" quality to certain frequencies. I rarely change audio components once I’ve found something I like a lot. However, now, instead of searching for the "perfect" speaker, I may be on a new quest: the perfect hearing aid. :)

Which model Bernafon are you  using?  I just checked the Costco hearing center site and there are a few choices.

good conversation. I've been wearing costco phonaks for over a couiple of years. when i was fitted for them the audiologist said they were the best for my needs. and even better was thatBC/BS paid for all but $100. i will get fitted in June for a new set and he said the product options reflecting tech changes are greater now than my last fitting. unlike last time, audio listening will be part of the discussion. I treat the phonaks as a piece of audio equipment with no tone controls except that i can turn it down and for me that helps reduces the digital harsh greatly. the phonaks can be harsh. whatever i purchase in june part of the 30 day return will be listening to extended sessions as the devices break in. and to Eric's point purchase an EQ which i've put off due to generally being intimidated by them. hearing devices are a Godsend but as all of you have alluded to can be challenging. but i've realized that the sometime upper freq hotness is a small tradeoff for the musical spectrum that they open.