Heard Von Schweikert DB-100's?

I've just purchased, but have not received, the Von Schweikert DB-100's.

Has anyone heard them? What do you think? How have they worked out?

I've got a Rogue Magnum Tempest Integrated, Nottingham Spacedeck w/Dynavector Karat cartridge and Cary CD player.

My room is quite large. 16' x 22' with one totally open side wall going into a larger room.

I recognize a SET amp could be in the future.

Thanks for your comments.
I am thinking of getting them. My roon is 13 by 11. how do they sound? did you buy a SET amp yet.
Slingshot - I've got 175 hrs. on my DB-100's. I think they sound great and they're still breaking in. All the adjectives; transparency, imaging, soundstaging are right there in bunches. The integrated solid state woofer adds a richness that blends terrifically with my Rogue Tube Amp.

I've decided to stay with my push-pull because of the added power (42 watts in triode) it provides. After many conversations with various Von Schweikert reps, even though the DB-100's are so efficient, the various 15 watt and under SET's may still be lacking for concert hall volume which I occasionally desire.

What I did was change out all my tubes to new old stock 6550's, ax7's and au7's. These really improved imaging and soundstaging and I've still got my cranking power and slam. I never had anything against my Rogue but after reading about SET's I thought that was the way to go. The Von Schweikert ads for the DB-100's makes it seem like SET's are a perfect match, which they are, but if you occasionally like to be plastered against the back wall of your room push pull is the way to go unless you want to spend the mega thousands for the more powerful SET's.

By the way, the best thing I ever did for my system was get the proper stand. I have a Bright Star Audio Rack of Gibralter and I built my own Big Rock for $45.

Good Luck.
Thanks for the info. I purchased them and the Art Audio PX-25 to drive them. 6 watts of power. Given the size of my room I would think so.
I wanted to give an update on the DB-100s. I have yet to listen to a CD since I received them together with Art Audio PX-25. Incredible improvement over Sonatas with Kora Cosmos. Also have Pass Labs preamp and phono amp with Michelle turntable with Orbe platter and Lyra Lydian cartridge. Probably most transparent album is Joe Jackson's Night and Day. I play it over and over just to hear the sonics. Incredible! On Lou Reed's Walk on the Wild Side, sounds like the women singing, are in the room with you. The built in bass is sensational.
Way to go! I've changed out most of my front end stuff but the DB-100's aren't going anywhere. They're great. Give them 200 hours of break-in time.