Heard the Ultimate speakers in NYC

I just heard these amazing speakers in downtown NYC. There called Fischer. There not the same Fischer company that made tube amps in the 60s. Here's the place I heard them at. www.avhifisupplies.com
They use the Seas Magnesium midbase drivers and the Dynaudio Esotar tweeter. They also use 2 separate subs which use a Scanspeak woofer. Holy Moly did these speakers sound incredible. They sound really sweet with great clarity in the midrange. The bass was tight and upbeat. These are definitely one of the best speakers I ever heard. The cabinet was so gorgeous. Here's a pic of the speakers.
Prety cool looking. What model did you hear and how much were they?
Twilo, those Fischers of the 60s were Fishers, not Fischers. (-: Cheers
Actually, the speakers are called "Fischer&Fischer" and come from Germany. The model you listened to is their top model. Every model, however, uses stone, not wood or MDF, and they have become one of the most respected high-end speaker companies in Germany in recent years. More on their website www.fischer-fischer.de
I just saw Stereophile rated these Fischer & Fischer speakers as one of the best sounding speakers at the Stereophile show. Its on page 48 in the October issue of Stereophile.
Was that a poll of attendees or one person's opinion?
Stereophile has an October issue? Wonder if I'll ever get mine.
How much do they cost ?
I see a picture and note on page 48 wherein Paul Bolin makes some very positive comments of the $53K SL1000 speakers. No where is there any endorsement from the magazine or the statement that they were 'one of the best sounding speakers at the Stereophile show.'

The only reason I am bothering contending with Doug99 about this is that no recommendation was made by Paul or anyone else. I agree with his comments as they are printed.

Also, btw, the pictured speaker is the less expensive SL450, not the SL1000.