Heard the New Jeff Rowland 302 Power Amp?

I am looking for someone with first hand experience with hearing the new Rowland 302 power amp. I am looking for a warmer sounding but natural sounding power amp with detail, bass definition and extened frequiences. I was looking into the Rogue Zeus or maybe the new Rowland so that I don't have to consider replacing tubes.

Thanks and Happy Listening.
Yes, it's the best amp - by far - that I've ever heard. You say you're looking for something warmer sounding, but don't specify what you would be comparing it too. I see that you have a Pass X-250 and don't know that amp. I CAN tell you that the 302 will not be warmer than the X-150 or X-350. Feel free to e-mail me if you want to discuss further.
I am listening to a 304. This is the best yet from Rowland. E-mail if you wish to discuss.
The comments by Jfz confirm what the Stereotimes reviewer said about the 302: that it actually has more top-end energy than a Pass X-600 (thus it may sound brighter than Pass), and that it has a somewhat lean presentation compared to previous Rowland designs. Thus anyone looking for warmth or a classic Rowland sound may want to approach the 302 with caution. A serious home audition would be in order here. While I haven't heard the 302, I find Pass X amps lacking in warmth (I once owned the X-250), while earlier Rowlands can be warm & musical although they are not the most revealing amps.
I have heard the Rowland 302 with a Wadia front end, Cardas cables, and on Avalon Eidolon Diamonds. I have also heard the same system with a BAT VK - 150SE, Levinson 335 and 336, and Classe' CA 400. The Rowland 302 BY FAR mathces the perfect balance of detail, transparency, musicality and warmth, and ambient retrieval. It is very musical and warm, but more detailed than the Levinson! In fact, I thought it was more musical and tube like than the BAT gear. The 302 is a great amp, a new benchmark in my opinion.
I currently have the mono Model 12's. For those of you who have or have heard the 302, how does it compare to the 12's?


How do you like the mono 12's, and what are you using with them?

I'm planning to buy a pair of 12's from Agon to use with my dCs gear (no preamp) and VMPS RM-X/TRT speakers. A few have posted that the 302 is superior, and it may well be, but there aren't any available at a reasonable price (i.e. < 50% retail).

From the pics I've seen it looks like the IEC connector on the rear panel is a 20 amp version, so most power cords won't fit. Is this true?
I love the model 12's. I did a lot of tinkering with other amps until I found the 12's to be what I was looking for.

I use mine with a Spectral pre amp, Electrocompaniet CD and Meadowlark Speakers. My system is fast, high resolution/detailed, transparent...overall, very natural/neutral, musical with a touch of warmth.

Yes the 12's and the 302 use a 20 amp IEC. I just upgraded my power calbes. I have a fabulous pair of cables with 20 amp IEC that are a great upgrade form the stock cables that I will sell very reasonably. Email me for details.

Because the 302 is so new, it will be some time before they are available used.
Ral - My experience is that the Pass amps do not all sound the same (which is true of other manufacturers as well, of course). I believe the X600 to be leaner than the X-150 or X350. Also, please understand when I talk about leaner and warmer, I'm not talking about top-end energy or brightness.
Barrelchief - I owned a Model 10, which some people felt, WITHIN IT'S POWER ENVELOPE, was better than the 12s. In any case, the 302 was/is MUCH better than the 10. They are truly in two different leagues, in my opinion - assuming use in a system of considerable resolution and neutrality.
Jfz - thanks for the Pass info. Yes, I realize that the warm/lean distinction was not refering to top-octave energy, but rather an overall character (hard to describe but you know it when you hear it). And I'm sure the 302 is a great amp, but it may have a flavor that does not suit all Rowland fans. It would be interesting to hear in detail why you found the 302 so much better than the 10.
By the way, why do some say the 10 is better than 12 within its power window? Just curious.
Ral - I agree with you. The 302 may not appeal to all former Rowland fans, i.e. the ones who liked the generally warm character. I've come to believe that the 302 is not lean, by the way. It seems to me to be extremely neutral (as best I can tell, obviously - we don't know what we don't know).

To answer your questions: the 302 is just better than the 10 in every way. I don't know about the 10 vs the 12. I'm just aware some people felt that way. Maybe the 12 is better only if you need the extra power. And of course there easily could be some people that feel the 12 is better, regardless of power needs.