Heard the new Grateful Dead on Rhino?

Wow! I just bought American Beauty and Workingman's Dead on Rhino vinyl and they sound great! They have an awsome "live" quality to them with great dynamics and musical ease. Anybody out there have the same experience?
I bought AOXOMOXOA, an lp I have not previously owned or heard from beginning to end. Some of the music is a bit out there, but I, like you, am impressed with the mix/production.
Can anyone comment on the Rhino vs the orig WB vinyl?
Yes. These are terrific reissues. Most of the reissues put out by Warner (this is really a Warner reissue) in recent years have been terrific. Check out the Van Morrison reissues, for example.
I agee Larryi. I bought Moondance and Astral Weeks and both are fantastic.