Heard the Mirage MS1-si today. What ever happened to Mirage??

One of my local dealers sells used records so I went to the store today. I heard music from the high end room and asked what speakers were playing. He said it was a pair of Mirage MS1-si speakers that a customer was putting up for local sale. They were testing them out. They were hooked up to a pair of D'agostino mono amps, VAC tube preamp and an Acoustic Signature Ascona TT. The room is very big so they were able to get the full bipolar sound. I had some used albums to test out and the SQ was outstanding. Big deep sound stage and a warm but detailed top. Excellent bass. What happened to this company?? They had some high quality speakers in the late 80's and 90's. By the way price for these speakers is $995. If you got the power and big room a real bargain. 
I’m sure the speakers are fine but don’t forget its the system that makes the sound. Most any good quality speaker should sound very good with gear like that working for them. Of course the sound that sounds best to any particular person is always a pot shot.

The thing with used speakers is you should be able to get more speaker and sound per $ so its the value proposition that always matters.