Heard the Marantz SA14?

A dealer friend tells me that the Marantz SA14 is an outstanding player and smokes everything in his store. I have a Bel Canto Dac-1.1 and I care nothing about SACD. He says the player does a great job with standard cds. What can you tell me about this player? I am breaking one in now and am excited to a/b the SA14 with the Dac-1.1. Thanks.
84audio, hope you have some luck with this post. I had done
two in the past..with no response. The retailers I have
talked with speak highly of it, and it sounds good at their
shops..but I have yet to hear any owner feedback..esp. on
"redbook". The story goes that the discrete audio section
(compared to op-amps) is part of the key to higher quality
Go to www.audioasylum.com, go to search, enter "SA-14", tons of information. In nut shell, it smokes Bel Canto EASILY!!!
I wanted to follow up on the SA14. I broke it in and did an a/b with the BC 1.1. It was not a fair fight. The Marantz is better in every way. I was not in the market for a CD upgrade but figured it couldn't hurt to listen with no risk. Guess again! The SA14 gives tons more info on standard redbook CDs. I have not listened to any SACDs and have no interest, but I could make somebody a great deal on a Bel Canto 1.1.