Heard the Foca Jm Lab 1027 today

So I listened to the 1027s today with a conrad Johnson pre, the new musical fidelity kw500 power, and a variety of CDPs. Let me just start out by saying that these are pretty phenomenally resolving speakers with more than ample bass.

We started out with the new Cary 306 SACD player. The sound was a little bloated, with a noticable mid-bass hump. It didn't sound bad, but it was noticable. Then we switched to the Bel Canto Univesal, which was very nicely balanced, but maybe a tad polite. Last up was an Estoteric universal, but not the top of the line VRDS one. It was perhaps the most engaging, but had a little sizzle on the highs. Overall the Bel Canto matched the best. Regardless, I think these are very neutral speakers with amazing capalitites. With all three sources you got the idea that you were listening to everything each component had to offer. We also listened to the older, 937BEs (forgive me if it's actually the 927s, but it's late and the numbers are all blending together) which sounded very small and laid back in comparison. Oh, the 1027s were also very attractive. My dealer will be a happy man when I finally have the money!

Matt, it seems that your views echo everyone else who has heard these speakers as well. I happen to have the 927Be's with an Esoteric DV50S. That is the non-VRDS model. That particluar model has three levels of upconverting. I have a feeling that it was on the middle level. I say that becasue I experince the same thing that you did. A hot high end. But on max up convert this is not an issue for me. You will have some very nice speakers if you get them. But if at all possible it would be interesting if you could go back and listen again to what you did before, but with the esoteric, make sure that it is on Max upconvert.