Heard the Ensemble Dirondo player?

I was just blown away by this cd player. I spent a lot of hours yesterday glued to my seat. I currently have an all Audio Note system, but had chosen the Bremen No.1 DAC to mate with my CDT-2 over the 3.1X. Until yesterday I didn't believe I could improve on my digital front end without spending a king's ransom to do so. Any body out there own a Dirondo, or had a similar experience? I'm still shocked by what I heard! I'll post a review to follow.
Yes, I have heard this player in my own home system and agree its a terrific CDP.I was luckly enough to be able to afford the Ensemble Dichrono Hi-DAC and Dirondo Transport. The CDP gives you about 80% of the performance of the two pieces.I audtioned many digital front ends in my system and thought the Ensemble pieces were the best sounding by far.Another major surprise was the difference that the Ensemble Isolink Duo Power Conditioner made in the performance of both the player and the dac&transport, bringing both to even a higher level of refinement. I did post a review of the seperates here on the GON if you have not read it already. Its quite amazing stuff ,its to bad that more people don't get to hear it. If you end up purchasing it I know your really going to enjoy it in your system.Write that review I would enjoy reading about your experience with this great player. Thanks for sharing.
I actually heard the separates first at the distributors house, (Ray Lombardi) and they are incredible. Certainly a step up from the one box as they should be. Great choice you made. I'm going to compare them as well to make my final decision of cost v return. I'm also auditioning the piece with Ensemble's own interconnects and power cables. Placing their Megaflux power cable on my Audio Note M-3 preamp was a marked improvement. Very impressed!
Hello Ciscomc, Have you completed your audtioning process regarding the Ensemble CDP vs. the seperates and if so what did you hear and what did you decide regarding your purchase? I would love to hear about your experience. Also,did you get to hear any of the pieces with the Duo Isolink Transformer and if so,what did you think? Hope to hear from you. Thanks
Teajay I have been out of town and not had a chance to compare the separates which I've been blown away by, but not heard in my system or with the Duo Isolink. We are about to make a sudden 3000 mile move to North Carolina where my dedicated room will be a geat upgrade from my current small one, and I will then pick up with the process in a better setting. The 28' X 18' X 10' basement room looks out to a beautiful lake and forrest and can better house this fine equipment.