Heard Patricia Baber's new Live in France CD?

I just got through the whole CD at one sitting this AM. I think this is her best record out. The live recording is quite dynamic and exciting. She seems to take you on a whole new adventure with each piece. Amazing! Definitely recommended ... The only gripe I have is with what seems to be a technical glitch on the last track. Loud pops recur similarly to a scratch on an LP. Let me know if you experience this also. I had repeatedly check for dirt and scratches but mine is a brand new CD. Thanks.
I guess I'll have to buy this next visit to Music direct.
I can't find anything wrong. Played it many times !!! Love this cd.
Where exactly is the "scratch" ? ( play-time)
I think I had jumped the gun y'all. It's so strange. I had replayed the same track at least four times yesterday before giving up because of the "scratch" at the beginning of the last song "Call me". I even prematurely wrote an email to Bluenote inquiring about this. Just browsed the other two posts on Agon about this album, but no mention of the suspected anomaly. So, I listened to the CD again this morning, and lo and behold ... NO pops.
I just took the chance to enjoy the album all over again. My favorites are "Norwegian Wood" and guess what ... "Call Me". Go figure! Thanks for your posts.
Ditto on the scratch noise I haven't heard it. Great performance though. I was lucky to see her perform some of these songs at the RockyMtn AudioFest in October. What a performance!! And what a band.
On previous work, I sometimes get the sense that she is playing with the audience. Here for me, an honest strut her stuff performance. Great energy with the distinctive Barber sophistication.