Heard (of) Audio Electronics Supply?

Anyone heard, or heard of, AES? Website states subsidiary of Cary Audio. Offers some very reasonably priced tube amps and preamps, assembled or in kit form. Thinking of a foray into tubes, but not ready for the sticker on Cary gear. Will be mating with ProAc Studio series speakers. Any comments?

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Have heard many good comments in Stereophile magazine over the past couple of years. The model SE-1 was category C recommended component in April 99 issue. It references vol.17 no.11 and vol.21 no.5 as issues with more info. I will give you one quote:"the SE-1 is a good low cost entry into single ended...beautiful harmonic presentation, immmediacy, a sense of you being there at the performance." And further: but is low powered, has small soundstage, and lacks ultimate resolution but can't complain at the price. "can be great with reasonably sensitive speakers-even89db-in smaller rooms." So thats what they have to say. Personally I own two pairs of Cary monoblocks and have been very,very happy with them and their low watt output when listening to jazz and female vocalists. I probably wouldn't say the same for rock music. But, Audio Electronics stuff is probably designed by the same guy as the Cary amps so I would say go for it. Or, be patient,save your money,surf Audiogon religiously and get a Cary CAD-572SE pair for only a few hundred more than you'll pay for a kit. And the 20 watts will keep you satisfied for longer. Paul