heard Melody Gardot?

Holy smoke. One of the DJs at Portland's Jazz station KMHD ranks her album "My One And Only Thrill" as one of the best for 2009. Just listened to some cuts on Amazon, and I'm blown away.
she is good, but not that great imho
I have all of her releases on CD and vinyl. I think she is wonderful. She came back from a very horrible accident and accomplished this.

I like her first CD, not only for her singing but for the wide variety of tasty instrumental interludes during the songs

A very pleasent listen
Interesting story on how she suffered severe brain damage and memory/speech problems after being hit by a car while riding a bicycle. Music, humming, and singing helped her learn to communicate again.
I'm with Bryan. She's certainly very good, but I think there's lots of newer female jazz vocalists in her company. If you haven't heard her, Valerie Joyce records nice music on Chesky, with the sound quality typical of that house. People may also like Erin Bode, a sweet voice who would benefit from a stronger band. John
I think she's fabulous.
"My One and Only Thrill" is probably my favourite of 2009 as well. "Worriesome Heart" is excellent too.
I really like this album as well, but not as much as I like Shelby Lynne's "Just a Little Lovin" from last year.
have both of her albums--actually posted about her last year but agree with Macdadtexas the Shelby Lynn cd just a little lovin --cover of dusty springfield - is just outstanding and very well recorded ---one of my favorites.
I just caught her live show about one month ago. I saw her live twice so far and she is absolutely incredible. If you live in the Philly area you have a good chance to see her as she plays here a lot. Those of you who are not amazed by her really need to check out her live set. Completely different arrangements. So talented. I love her communication with the audience between songs. Great story teller. Oh yeah, and she's a bombshell!! Sexy!
I really want to see her now. It's sad, I skip all the rock concerts now, even if I like the group because of the hassle involved, but I will go a long way to see Diana Krall, Nora Jones, Jane Monheit,..... Dudes, I'm old.

I have been waitin years for Tierney Sutton to play Houston, I guess she doesn't like hot weather.
Got her two albums this afternoon, and can't say enough about them. Who knows what makes a certain quality in a voice appealing, but to me she's got it--the same thing that Eva Cassiday has. What I especially like is the fact that she makes it sound easy: no vocal gymnastics, and no apparent striving after "effects," if you know what I mean.
I realize that musical tastes in voice are extremely personal--all subjective--almost--but anyone who's heard "Our Love Is Easy" and isn't convinced that this woman is SPECIAL, is not listening closely. The lyrics, the phrasing, everything--her perfect pitch, perfectly executed vibrato. She belies her age of 24 years--sounds as if she has the 'seasoning' of someone at least a decade older. She writes, as I recall, all of her songs. What an AMAZING TALENT!!!!
Thanks Larry; I tend to jump to conclusions about music that is new to me, and if I'm not immediately smitten, I'll tend not to listen closely enough thereafter. So I went back to "Our Love is Easy." I didn't change my mind: I still feel like it's excellent execution of pretty familiar stuff (the lyrics struck me as especially unsurprising). As you say, musical taste is personal, but threads like these are my favorite on the site, despite (or because of) that. John
I know what you mean, John. For example, I can't stand Sinatra. That's right--can't bear listening to him, and it's hard to say why. Tony Bennett, on the other hand, I could listen to all day. Ella? No. Sarah Vaughn? Yes. Who knows why.

But now for the Gardot fans: Larry's point about the control she has over her vibrato is exactly right; I'd also say something about the speed of it--it's very fast, which to my ear makes it especially attractive. As for the writing: I think it's impressive throughout, but the one I'm most struck by is the title song, "My One and Only Thrill." The combination of the chord changes and the melody line in the refrain is just astonishing. Starting from "When I'm with you . . . etc., you just can't predict the changes that follow, and it modulates from major to minor and back in ways that, to me at least, are as moving as anything I've heard in a long time.
jdoris and stewie,
What great responses!! It's so much fun to engage intelligent people who can agree to disagree, especially when the topics are ALMOST completely subjective.
It's sorta like walking into a room, being single, looking for girls, YOU walk right over to the brunette, I walk right over to the blonde or redhead. Why? No one really knows.
As to Sinatra, I too Never liked him, though I understand why some people do, and certainly he has my respect.
The vibrato thing has a distinctive European feel to it--and to me is VERY sexy (am I horny today or what?)lol
I do have to say that I disagree about the lyrics to the song "Our love is easy"--they absolutely enthralled me.
Like most music, it can (me at least) take a couple of times hearing it to 'get it', with her voice, I was so enraptured that I was only focused on her voice the first couple of listens, as I liked it so much--but then after a couple more listens, I focused on her lyrics--it was almost as if I was hearing a brand new album, as I fell for her again the second time, but for a different reason. As an added bonus, go to youtube and watch the bathtub video scene of her. Nothing over the top, just sensual.
Plus, and this is because I'm a big old girl about things like this, her STORY, after the bike accident and brain damage, having to learn so speak all over again, and music bringing her back, is the stuff legends and movies are made of.
Thanks for great comments you two--you're what this spot is supposed to be all about.

What I noticed on listening to this CD is that on the first half she sings with quite some vibrato and on the second half see sings with less vibrato.
Overall it is an excellent CD, but can become a little boring near the last tracks.
Anyone shares my opinion related to the vibrato
I hadn't noticed the difference in the vibrato speed...you're VERY observant.
What I think is also VERY interesting is her emotion, the way she emotes so strongly, really selling the words.
A great friend and I were auditioning a piece of gear the other day, and I pulled out an old Karen Carpenter Album...for my taste, NOBODY has ever sold the emotion of a song like Karen did. The fact that, again, for my taste, her textures and richness of voice were just the bonus which made her have the most heavenly voice EVER for a female.
I wish that the GREAT Winston Ma would remaster some of her old recordings, doing what he has to some of the old classics! Can you imagine hearing Karen Carpenter after Winston and his people put their magic into a great remaster? Plus, Richard's arrangements were absolutely brilliant.
What a shame she's not 50, and still singing today...sad.

Great group of folks responding on this particular question! Thanks guys!

I also own both cd's, I put her in the ''romantic mood'' category. Not exactly for critical listening (at least for me) but, perfect for an intimate dinner. Women tend to love her voice in general. It's very atmospheric and cool music.
I picked up both of them too. For me, the first is average and it only got played once. The first half of "My One.." though, up until Les Etoiles is fantastic, and the second half loses it somewhat. Can't believe she's so young!

My Euro GF thinks that she's very influenced by Charles Aznavour, an artist from her youth listening in Belgrade. I'm still waiting for her dad to send the lp up for a listen. I'll post once I hear it.
I would agree with the Aznavour influence...he was a stylist, better for interpretation than vocal ability--nevertheless I loved to hear him sing.

I will be driving to Philly on Saturday to see Melody. I'm blown away by The Absense and wonder if anyone else has seen this tour. Philly might be the 1st US tour date.
Me too Donjr. I can't believe I haven't listened to her new album yet. I have no time as I've been working a lot lately so some of her concert will be completely new, which is cool.
You will not be dissappointed Devilboy. Her new release is nothing short of amazing. If you see a 45 year old bald guy with a beautiful red head in tall black leather boots that might be me and my wife. Orchestra row Q seats 6 and 8. We're very excited to put it mildly. Stop over and introduce yourself if you're close by. If not, have a great time. She's one of the best our generation will ever know.
Will do. Orchestra row W seats 13, 15, 17.
You guys will be in for a real treat. I saw her in Montreal last July as part of the Montreal International Jazz Festival. A memorable performance. The show was sold out in 20 minutes. She played many songs from the Absence album.
I would see her again.
Have a good one....
Ok. I saw Melody last night. It was the third time I had the pleasure of hearing her perform live. However, of the three shows, this was my least favorite. First, she is a beautiful woman and she was covered up all night from head to toe. Something covering her hair and a long gown. She looked like she was wearing a burkah. She has more to show and I wanted to see it. Second, the audio sucked. I could barely hear her voice. Third, I expected more jazz standards. Instead, she did more of a "world music" vibe, which is fine but not what I wanted from her. She ended with "Summertime" and then brought up an old singer-songrwriter friend which were some of the highlights of the show.

Donjr: I looked for you two, but didn't see you. I was three martinis in so I kinda forgot the row you said. Ha!
We really enjoyed the show. I was impressed with that sax player, especially when he played two at the same time. I agree that I would have liked to see a bit less upholstery draping off her body. It's as though she rolled herself up in a huge black curtain and toseed on a pair of shades. I also agree that they could have turned her mic up. Luckily the crowd was fairly quiet, but I did struggle at times to hear her. I liked her solo of 'Baby I'm a Fool'.

I have one major complaint and it had nothing to do with Melody or the band, but the people around me. It must have been "bath yourself in perfume and cologne" night. It seemed every single person around me decided it's a good idea to douse themselves in huge amounts of perfume and cologne for this show. I'm not usually sensitive to this sort of thing but this was beyond unbearable and if it wasn't Melody Gardot I would have probably left the event in favor of more cocktails. I've been to a lot of events and I've never experienced anything quite like it. I hope word of this doesn't get up to Montreal which is my favorite musical event each year.

We looked up that friend of hers (Phil Roy) that performed the last song 'Melt' with her. He's had an interseting career as a musician and songwriter.