Heard Maggie 3.7i with..

...a Rogue Cronus Magnum driving them. The combo sounded surprisingly great. I was surprised that a 100 wpc amp could drive them so well. Anyone else have experience with "low" powered amps and Maggies. When I've had Maggies, I've always had amps in the 150 to 250 (8 ohms) range.  Though I now have Golden Ear Triton1s, I think I will eventually have Maggies again. I've heard the Cronus with T1 and it's also a great combo. 

I guess the point of all this is that while I generally believe you should choose speakers first and then choose the amp to drive them, I'm thinking of getting the Rogue now and the Maggies in the future. Mistake? Thoughts?
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  Elizabeth, on what specific basis are you criticizing McIntosh? Is it because it has new owners? Is that the objective criteria for saying it not the company it once was? I've had Mc products for 39 years, including during several owner changes.I own 12 McIntosh units. I have not noticed  a decline in quality. As for your claims of poor service, what was that about? I have 39 years of outstanding service from McIntosh. So, just what are you talking about?
@scorpio1951  That's easy.  In my shop we had the enjoyment of trading in very early Mc stuff and ordering and playing new Mc stuff--1970's.  Build quality was good--many new ones required return to the factory for service soon after putting into a system although none were DOA.  With Audio Research, not so lucky.

The issue was that the Audio Research stuff reproduced the music more accurately than the Mc stuff did.  That's about as easy as I can explain it.  Glad you enjoy your Mc stuff.  Decent markup for the dealer in it, so it is a good sale.  Have no idea what they have done since 1980, so you are on your own there.

 So in other words your experience with McIntosh is limited to the 70's and that is it, at least as I understand it. All the many Mac units I have bought since 1980 have performed beautifully, and no DOAs at all. I think in all these years that I have had three units need repair. As for Audio Research, let's ask them for their opinions about their components. And how does your answer go back to your statement of DOA and poor service about McIntosh?