Heard Kimber Select cables?

I was wondering if anyone has heard the Kimber Select interconnects and speaker cables, specifically the KS-1010 and the KS-3033 which are the pure copper cables? My system currently consists of the Plinius 8150i, Ah! Tjoeb '99 cd player and NHT 2.5i's. My current cable's are Monster M series cables. I am basically upgrading my system one component at a time and started with the amp, then the cd player and am upgrading my cable's next. I really like the sound of the NHT's at the moment so I probably won't be upgrading those anytime soon. Anyways, I have read glowing reviews on the KS-3035 which is the hybrid silver/copper cable and was wondering if anyone has any comments on their pure copper cable. I know silver is a better conductor but the higher end Kimber Select products are much pricier. True, the Kimber Select products in general are not cheap but I saw these at the recent CES 2000 and absolutely loved the look and saw they were high quality cables. I just wish I had a chance to hear them!!!
I've owned and used numerous Kimbers. Currently I'm using a 1.5 meter Silver Streak between my preamp/amp, and a KS-1020 from D/A to preamp. The sound of the hybrids are superior in both resolution and noise floor, the difference is not subtle. I've also been using 8TC bi-wire runs for years, currently to my Vandersteen 3A's. The Kimber sound is best described as warm and detailed, a great combination, never fatiguing. The silver streak is a great value and top performer in its price range. I prefer it overall to the sound of the KS-1010 in terms of resolution, speed and dynamics. The KS-1020 is superior to the Silver Streak in all areas; smother, more controlled, quieter, and mor open. It is very revealing, so depending on how your system set-up is, you may love it or become dissatisfied with the weak links in your system. I recommend Kimber Kables as an excellent long term system revealer without hesitation, in both price and performance!
I've tried both the KS-1010 and KS-1030s in my system. The Select line is, as you suggest, a high quality cable. Construction is top-notch. I found the 1010 provided a bit more inner detail resolution than the Audioquest Lapis I was using. However it had a graininess and excessive warm sound that was a tad too artificial for my taste. If your system is overly bright, this cable might be effective as a tone control. The 1030 is very neutral and revealing. Excellent high and low frequency extension with taut bass. I heard a definition to cellos and timpani previously missed with the Lapis. It will sound like whatever it connects. As the previous writer notes - the difference between the 1010 and the silver cables is not subtle. These are expensive cables - the whole high-end cable market has gotten a bit out of hand if you ask me. Nonetheless, I purchased two pairs of 1030s, one from an Audiogon ad at considerable discount. In my view, this is an upgrade I will be satisfied with for a long long time. I've heard the KS-3033 during a speaker audition and find this copper version a better implementation in speaker cable than the 1010 is in interconnect. Good detailing and extension without unusual coloration. You may also want to consider the Monocle XL series from Kimber for speaker cable. There is not an order of magnitude difference between these and the 3033. Also, if you can find a pair, I heartily recommend listening to the FMS Zero interconnects. These are truly superb. Not quite the detail and extension as the 1030, but superior harmonics. The most accurate portrayal of the human voice and violins I've ever heard in a cable. Very musical. Best of luck with your upgrades!
Based on the recommendation of the maker of my FT Audio LW-1, I gulped and bought a used pair of Kimber Select 1020's, to go between his LW-1 passive pre and my Music Reference RM10. The caveat of somebody's previous post should be heeded...these cables WILL reveal any weaknesses upstream! A certain "busy-ness" (noise) that I didn't realize was there with my DH Labs BL1's just disappeared. Now I know what the reviewers mean by "black background"...DEAD QUIET! Soundstage got wider, deeper, more layered, focussed. Instrument timbres a lot truer...all the usual audiophool psychobabble.
Now, I've either got to take 'em out quick, and sell 'em, or else I've got to replace my upstream cables with the same stuff. Sigh...such madness!