Heard it live….and now at home

Went to King Crimson concert 9/11/21 at the Anthem in DC.  Pretty sweet seats balcony just left of center towards rear.  Measured SPLs in the 90s on my smartphone db meter app.  


Now the CD of the concert was issued and got my copy yesterday.  Listening to it today.  

Gotta say the home experience on my big Ohm F5s  is fairly close to live.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?


Very fortunate occurrence for an “audiophile” to be able to make such a comparison between a live event like that and how it sounds at home.   First time ever for me.   Fun fun fun!  Had to bring it up here in hopes that someone might care.  😊




Nice to have a concert recording that you attended as a reference! Wish I had that for the shows I went to decades back!

;-) good on ya ! Those are my only true references…but that’s a different thread


It was a nice surprise to learn the concert was going to be released on CD. 

The sound at the concert was really good and the recording is very good as well.  The Anthem is a fairly new venue and Very nice in all regards.  Highly recommended!

It's an iphone app called decibel and yes it is a freebie.

Measured 120 db at the Raven's NFL game yesterday.  Yikes!