Heard DV50 and Ayre C-5xe?

I’ve used and enjoyed a DV50 for years (I usually use the RDOT+FIR filter, but sometimes RDOT only); speakers are Watt/Puppy 7s. I have some SACDs, but of course many more RBCDs, and listen mostly to classical and jazz. After all these years I’ve wondered if upgrading makes sense. I’m particularly interested in the Ayre C-5xeMP. I’ve read lots of positive things about both players. But I’d love comments from anyone who has heard both on whether the shift would be a substantial improvement - and on the nature of the differences in the sounds of these players (for RBDC, not just SACD). [I’ve also wondered if I should just jump to computer audio before buying another player, but that’s another story.]
I have friend with a DV50 and it is a wonderful CD player. I have the C5xe and recently had the MP upgrade done by Ayre. In comparison between the two machines I would say that the Ayre delivers a much more natural toneality. There seems to be an equal amount of information coming from both machines but the Ayre's natural tone delivers in a less analytical but detailed sound stage. These are of course my opinions, which seem to be shared by the owner of the DV50. YMMV.