Headshell Connector Question

I am looking to make a few headshells from scratch from different materials.  The only item I want to purchase is the plastic 4 pin connector that comes on a typical headshell.  For the life of me I can't find it anywhere.  

Thanks for your help
That is what I’m looking for.  I thought there would be 100’s to choose from.  Do you know the connector name?  I’ve tried SME and Ortofon but neither yields a quick answer.  When I look at market headshells they all seem to use the same plastic connector so that must be available somewhere.  
I think its call "standard headshell connector" or "headshell 4 pin standard connector". 
Ortofon designed that fitted onto SME tonearms and became the standard "universal" headshell connectors,  some also call them "SME Connector"


By headshells with fastening screw those 4 pin connectors have

two functions. The azimuth can be adjusted as well the stylus

distance (aka ''effective length'') .  Because the sample provided

by @imhififan has to short ''inside part'' of the 4 pin connector

this second function can't be used. By AT headshells with, say,

''movable 4 pin connector''  this shortcoming is obvious.

@imhififan , It is not ''either or'' but both (aka conjunction).

All my headshells have this ''movable 4 pin connector''  which

make azimuth as well eff. length adjustment possible. So I

don't understand persons who buy expensive headshells

without this provision. This imply all wooden headshells

because they can't ''bear'' the fastening screw.

Thanks for providing highendcity address. Those are the right

kind. AT headshells have screws threads at the under side.

For some carts very practical but not suitable for effective

length adjustment with ''short 4 pin connector''.

Wow! I never would have guessed that parts such as this could be purchased separately. I'd have suggested just buying a whole headshell and cannibalizing it.  Thanks to all for excellent responses, at least in my opinion.  I like the ones from Italy mentioned above.  Has anyone here dealt with this seller?  

Quite a few people have bought parts for their 
Garrard 301's and Thorens 124's always positive comments.

Well those 4 pin connectors at hifi city are better proposition then

the Italian kind: $ 15 versus $44 . But looking at those ''miserable''

cartridge clips I can only recommend Clearaudio clips : 44 euro

for 8. Those are  the best I know. What is the sense of those

 expensive silver wire or rewire with worthless clips?

By tonearns with fast headshells is resoldering those clips an


My ''only'' problem with Clearaudio clips is their price. The reason

in addition is that I own 25 headshells.  If someone knows where

one can find ''decent clips'' for less money please give us the