Heads up: New Marshall Crenshaw CD

Posted for fans of MC. It's called "Jaggedland" and is scheduled for release June 2, 2009. His first CD since "What's In The Bag?" in 2003. If this guy can't get new music out more often than every 6 years, something's awfully wrong with the universe.

Spectacular news! Crenshaw is one of the few artists that I would pay to hear sing anything. I have been following him since I saw him on a TV show 27 years ago.

You can hear some samples of the new CD here .


with rare exception, the universe has never been kind to the great pop songwriers. crenshaw is incredible for sure. check out a new artist as ell...'j.p. cregan-man overboard' at cd baby.
I was working in a record store back when Marshall Crenshaw's first record came out. Despite our having a jillion different promo titles to choose among, we all of us -- the owner, the manager, the hourly employees -- spun his fabulous record again and again and again. And every darn time, it was great to hear it. I've sadly kind of lost track of him over the years, but it is perhaps time to get back on that bus. Thanks for the reminder.
Any chance there'll be vinyl?
Another interesting tidbit about MC: Over the years he's become a really accomplished guitarist. There's a cd called "Acoutic Greatest Hits: Live" (or similar) that showcases this growth. A quick listen to the new stuff (on the link so kindly provided by Rich) seems to indicate that MC has continue to incorporate jazz guitar influences into his playing. I'm going to see him perform at a small club in Santa Monica on June 14. I'll post impressions afterward.