Heads Up:New CD from Holsapple/Stamey

Yet another new release from an artist(s) silent for many years - 20 years this time. When buying tix for Marshall Crenshaw's show in support of his new cd, I tripped across this one. Peter H and Chris S were the principal songwriters for the dbs. Each has done one or more very fine solo records since their last duo effort in the late '80s.

the db's rule...now where are the bongos?

Very good question.

The Bongos (along with a bunch of other bands) played a tribute concert for Danny Gatton shortly after he died and they just tore the place up. Barone's solo stuff has been fun but maybe a bit lightweight for my taste. Mastro's band, Health & Happiness Show, has been IMHO great. But even that's been a while now.