Heads Up: MK II versions of Kleos and Zephyr

Just an fyi to the community. Jonathan Carr, Lyra designer, has been busy. Aside from the new Lyra Etna cartridge that will debuted at RMAF, the Kleos has been upgraded to a Level 2 version. Didn't pick up much detail from the web site about the changes.

Not to be outdone, Peter Ledermann of Soundsmith fame has upgraded the VPI Zephyr to a MK II version. I'm sure the MK II version has a number of refinements, but the one that stuck out on the write-up is that Peter changed the cantilever from aluminum to boron. FWIW, the Paua write up looks the same and I note that the Paua has an aluminum cantilever just like the old Zephyr. I wonder if "change be a coming" for a Paua MK II???

Anyone have a chance to road test either cartridge??
Bifwynne: Apart from the normal evolutionary improvements which a manufacturer engages in over the course of normal production, the Kleos has not been through a major revision.

If you are referring to the wording on our website - the "Level 2" is in relation to the Delos, which was the first cartridge to get the "New Angle" suspension technology.

If or when I make a revision to the Kleos or Delos that is significant enough to talk about, I will do my best to keep it retrofittable to the existing version - so that present owners can upgrade for the price of a rebuild.

Sorry if I disappointed you (smile).

hth, jonathan carr