Heads up for earwax.

I just had my ears cleaned of earwax. It makes a difference in my listening experience. I would advise that one ought to make important purchase decisions with clean ears.
Good idea.
What method was used to clean out the wax?
I also had this problem several years ago, and my doc removed a good sized hard lump of wax from one of my ears. He used a huge plastic syringe and gently squirted luke warm water into the ear canal until the wax partly broke up and just floated out. It took several syringe fulls of water. His nurse then instructed me on how to do it and gave me the syringe. Happy Listening and Cheers. Craig
Hydrogen peroxide dissolves ear wax! It's a unique experience to say the least. You drop in several drops of hydrogen peroxide in your ear with your head lying sideways on a pillow. After a few seconds you'll hear the bubbling reaction, then you will feel a warmth and oozing feeling as the wax dissolves exothermically, making the liquid in your ear more viscous. Once the reaction has stopped, you can put a cleanex on your ear and turn over, and the "daughter product" will run out (sometimes a Qtip helps here). It is totally safe, though I've been told it isn't as complete a treatment as the medical type and doesn't work in the most extremely ear-clogged cases. Enjoy! I haven't done that for years, but now this makes me want to. Weird, no?!!!
I used a kit from my local drugstore. It included a small container of carbamide peroxide 6.5% solution and syringe to flush the ear with warm water.
You can get a product for this at the drugstore. Its oily but it works better than peroxide. You can put it in and plug your ear with tissue for a little while, then flush with warm water. Works very well. No Q-tip needed.
The oily product is sometimes called "sweet oil" and actually is olive oil. It does work very well, and is marketed in these earwax removal kits.
I cant belive you posted this post now! I was just about to post the same thing. I was also wondering why none of the audiophile mags bring up this topic? Seems to me that if your ears dont work, your just thowing money down the drain! It also seems like the cheapest "tweak" you can do to improve sound!!!

Again...weird that you just posted this, and before today I've never seen a post about earwax!!!