Heads up for David Orlowsky Trio

"the trio uses the expression 'chamber world music' to express this unusual mixture - world music and chamber music combined in a unique musical language."

I'm concluding my first playing of the trio's "Nessiah" CD as I write. I'm not very good at describing music - the only thing that comes to mind is "Mediterranean folksy", so my purpose hear is to urge anyone who thinks they might be interested in four (three+guest) extremely talented musicians playing some fresh, beautifully lyrical pieces to give them a listen. Incidentally, the CD is very well recorded and sounds fantastic.
I can also highly recommend David Orlowsky's "Jeremiah" SACD. Here, he's playing with Singer Pur, not the trio. I'm a little curious about the lack of response. I'm wondering if it's because I'm alone in my enthusiasm or just because you guys haven't heard him. Did I blow it with "Mediterranean Folksy" - please don't hold that against him. He plays the clarinet but his style reminds me a lot of Chet Baker.
I'm now listening to the trio's "Noema" CD and I can't believe that I'm the only one who's getting into this. But I guess it happens. The thing is, I need you guys to get on board with this so he tours the U.S. C'mon boys, how about showing a little team spirit here. What do you say - let's go out there and win one for the Phaelon!
"let's go out there and win one for the Phaelon!"

Well, at least you didn't come back with "When you're dead Gipper".