Headroom MAX / Sennheiser 600, what CD?

I am about to receive a Headroom MAX / Sennheiser HD600 for use in my office. I am currently using a Sony MXD-D3 CD/MD machine as my audio source, this machine is OK but not 'great'. What would be a Great CD player with excellend sound that will do the amp/headphone combo justice? Looking for something up to $1,000-$1,200, used is fine. If it looks cool, that would be nice, too :))
Try to find one that has a line out, like for the crappy sounding tape/cd converters you see for cars. The amp will sound way better not having to go through the headphone output from the player.
Unfortunately, there si not a lot out there for the price range you are in. Few about $1,000 more you can pick-up a pre-owned meridian 508.20 maybe even a 508.24. A very good player for the money. Also the SONY X771ES CD player may be very good pre-owned or even a Mark Levinson #39.
Sorry Njonker, didn't pay enough attention to the last bit of your post. I thought you where looking for a portable. I have a headroom supreme with Grado 330's? I think, any way hook the stuff up with the best cable you can. It makes a huge difference.
The Sony XA7ES CD player is available used for around $1200. and is excellent. Stereophile Class A. I used it for several years, and it truly is an excellent CDP, and is built like a tank at about 35 lbs.. Happy Hunting. Craig
I have this exact combination. I use it with a Pioneer DVD-525 DVD player (which has a 24/96 digital output) and a Bel Canto DAC-1. Great combination. I had the 525 modified by Ric Schultz (see www.tweakaudio.com) which included adding an IEC AC connector so I can use it with an after-market power cord. Use of better power cords will benefit the 525, the DAC-1 and the MAX amplifier. I also use a PS Audio P300 power plant to power all these components. Makes a really nice bedroom headphone system. Craig Zastera