Headroom Max $3000 headphone amp. Opinions anyone?

I have been looking for experiences with the current ($3000) Headroom Max headphone amp. Opinions or any reports
seem very hard to find, even on headphone websites. Any comments (especially comparisons to the previous generation Max amp, which I own) would be
highly appreciated. Thanks.
I've heard the current Max and Max Balanced a few times, including the Balanced once in my system, and they're very good amps. Probably have some of the best bass I've ever heard in a headphone amp. That said, personally I found them a bit dry in the mids and highs. Also, I'm not a big fan of crossfeed, which Headroom is a big proponent of. If you're shopping in that lofty price range, you'd be remiss not to audition products from Ray Samuels Audio, Singlepower, and HeadAmp, among others. BTW, I've haven't done a comparo between the current and previous generations of the Max in my rig--though I have heard them separately in other systems--so any opinions I might offer on that subject would be meaningless. Hope this helps.
go to head-fi.org and you'll get more than enough info.
Check out singlepoweraudio.com, Ray samuels, and headamp.com for amps that compete with and IMO at the same $$$ level better the Headroom amps in most cases. You can find reviews on line and alot of info at www.head-fi.org
Thanks guys. No, I never use the Max's crossfeed; don't like it.
I use Grado GS1000 'phones.
I also heard some dryness with the Max and my old Senn650s.
The AKG 701s were a somewhat more liquid but the images
are small.
The Grados are way more liquid and the images are big
and well spaced out and have a big, roomy sound that is
different than any other phones I have ever heard. The bass
is great, too. They are much better than the old Grado RS1s
which were to forward and fatigue-inducing. In fact,
they sound very little like the RS1s.
I was curious what a better amp could do for the 1000s,
though my 7-year-old Max (upgraded with the newer reference
module a few years back) seems to do a nice job.
I wanted Audiogon opinions because the folks here
seem really down to earth and make a lot of sense.
Thanks again everbody. Any more comments are welcome.
follow links just like this:http://www.drebeatshome.com/drdre-beats-studio-c-1.html
Don't discount the Grado RA-1. Despite it's low cost, it is voiced to compliment the 1000's. Frankly, if I were going to spend a lot on an amp for those cans, I would probably look into Woo, as he also uses the big Grados as one of his references. My 2 cents.