Headphones that sound smooth and comfortable on a pillow?

HI Friends,

I'm going to be spending a lot of time in bed and on my side. I'm sure eventually this will change, but I find myself spending much less time in front of my loudspeakers.

I'm wondering if anyone has a recommendation for good headphones (not IEM's) that are comfortable even when you are lying down on your side?  Or a headphone friendly pillow?  I usually get AKG's.

I like IEM's by the way, just the one's I have really stick out too far to be pillow freindly.


If you lay on your side all headphones will clash with the pillow.

Lay on your back and you can use any headphone.

There are speakers that fit under the pillow. They provide poor mono.

Why not a bedside audio player?

Erik - See link above to HeadFi.org and info on the Yuin PK earbuds.  They are not IEMs nor ar they conventional headphones.  The Yuins have very good sound and reasonable bass for their size.  They do require lengthy break in for what bass they produce to be realized.  I own the PK2s and listen to Pandora while falling asleep.  They are extremely comfortable.  I have woken up, forgotten I had them on and was startled to hear music playing in the room.  They "do" a big soundstage.  Worth consideration, I think.  Good luck with what sounds like a procedure you'd probably rather avoid.    

Klipsh   X11s or older X10s are IEMs that fit almost completely in the ear.  Very small and i've worn them on my side with no issues.

They are a really good sounding IEM at $399 retail.  Go with the no mic version for best sound.  Used x10s can sometimes be found for $100 and are really good deal.

Thanks everyone!

Try in-ear headphones.
I know you said no IEMs, but the Weston W60s are perfect for your request.  They are smooth, they sound freakin awesome IMO.  And there is not issue with laying on the side of your head with them in.  
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