Headphones integrateds with XLR preouts?

I want to build a system around my PC and I'm hoping someone can point me toward a good headphone preamp/amp that has a XLR preout. I've searched the net but came up empty.
I'd run the XLR preout to a set of active monitors with an XLR input. I'll listen to the headphones about 50% and monitors 50%. Does anyone know of such an amp?
Many thanks,
Hi Dave

I don't know what your budget is but when I was looking for a headphone amp with most of your requirements I found these 2 very nice amps. They were way too pricey for me though.

The DNA (Donald North Audio) Sonett


Rudistor RPX 300
State of the Art Quad Mono* Headphone Amplifier


Maybe the enthusiasts at headfi.org can help you?

Good luck with the search.
Jed, my budget is 500 to 1k. The DNA is pretty close on price and it looks very nice indeed but I need a unit with the preamp, amp and DAC. I forgot that minor detail!!
I was considering a Benchmark Dac1 or a tubed MusicHall Dac as they both have xlr preout and both in the $500 range but it seems they're more geared toward the D/A conversion than headphone amplification. Am I wrong about that-Are the Benchmark and Music Hall headphone amp sections considered to be high quality amplification on the level of the DNA?

Dave, Which headphones you own?
I would recommend against an all-in-one solution that includes a DAC. There is so much progress in the DAC field right now, especially in sub $1000 DACs. Some DACs are even being designed with boards that can be swapped out when improved chips or designs are available (Wyred4Sound and the forthcoming Schiit DACs both offer this in their designs).

For a great integrated that can act as a headphone amp and a balanced pre, I'd check out the Little Dot Mk VI (only balanced inputs and outputs) or VI+ (balanced and RCA inputs and outputs). I use it with my HE-5LEs and love the combo.
The Benchmark is often used as just a headphone amp so I think that is one you could look at seriously.
Rex, I currently have the MA Audio Q40 headphone set. I like it but may spring for an upgrade depending on how they sound after I get new amplification.
Roscoeiii, thanks and I'll be mindful of the continuing progress in Dacs.
I might just pick up the Benchmark as Swampwalker suggests until the next generation of separates/dac hits.
Thank you guys for your input, it helps a lot.
Bryston is coming out with a new headphone amp which looks good. Check their website or contact.
I would suggest that you look at the Antelope Audio Zodiac DAC. There are three models; the Gold is the top unit w/ remote. It is an excellent DAC with dual headphone outputs, balanced XLR output and volume attenuator, so it can also act as your preamp. Great unit, was recently written up in this month's Stereophile.