headphones for tube system

Hi Audiogoners, greetings from the UK – I have a question that I hope someone will be able to answer for me.

Background: a lifelong music lover – (mostly contemporary ) and hifi enthusiast (albeit in a small way)  - now in my dotage and sadly with deteriorating hearing.

My system is an Abbingdon CD77, pre is a Melody 1688 II into a McIntosh 275 mk 4, B & W CM10 ser 2 speakers. Van den Hul cabling.

I want be able to use headphones and am not sure how to go about adding in an amp for them. Any suggestions and headphone recommends would be appreciated

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Thanks - but this appears to be just a cheap marketing site
Why would you say that?  It's mostly hobbiests that are willing to help or answer any question...  sometimes you need to give it some time.   I looked at your pre, it looks like there are hi level and lo level pre outs.   Ideally a fixed level output like a tape out is best to drive a headphone amp.   Some phones like Stax use the amplifiers speaker terminals to drive the amp.   

Honestly headphones are an extremely personal item... what I think is great may not appeal to you at all.  Having just purchased headphones the only advice I will give is to demo a bunch.  Like speakers , they all have different sound signatures.  

I just bought a pair of Grado RS2e and I love them,  others may not care for them at all.   
Thank you for your suggestion, I shall be investigating further and demo-ing some options within my price range.
Re my comment  - did you see the link ? I believe it has now been deleted by Audiogon so I feel vindicated.
Looks like your preamp has analogue outputs(hi & low?)...If your using rca interconnects you could go with balanced I/C between amp & pre and use pre out to a headphone amp.Some expensive headphone amps have balanced inputs should you care to spend that much $...
As for head amp and cans I suggest you spend time going through the equipment reviews on "head-fi.org"...Headphones are a lot like speakers,ie:you have cans with the highly detailed sound,the romantic sound and the studio sound...Also figure out a budget.Headphones can top out at $100,000.00+...Best value for $ IMO is the $250.00-$750.00 range with HiFIMan,Audeze and Sennheiser’s new HD660 leading the way...
I use inexpensive Grados (SR80e) that replaced my unfixable old SR60s…the 80s took a while to break in (too much treble initially) but after a week or so they became astonishingly good, and when I've considered replacing them with other more expensive models from other brands (tried several here and there) I just stay with my Grados. I have closed back phones for recording, but the Grados get my reference choice.