Headphones for setting VTA?

Anyone use headphones to set VTA for each LP? (or just in turntable adjustment in general?)

I am thinking of getting a set of balanced headphones to plug into an extra set of main outs I have on my Atma preamp, which I understand can function as a heaphone preamp. (anyone tried this?)

Where the table is situated, is not near the speakers, and I can't hear the subtle changes of VTA, but I was thinking Grado 325I headphones (which can be ordered with balanced XLR's ) may be the way to go.
Dear Emaillist: Ar first " eyesight "/a-priori its " sounds " like a very good alternative and worth to explore on it and not only on the VTA subject but in almost other audio setting items.

I own four different headphones ( from Stax to Grado. ) that I almost never use it so I don't have in deep experience on the real differences ( other than here the room is out of the quation, very important/critical subject btw. ) with what we heard through our speakers. So maybe the first step is to " experience " the headphone " alternative like a " medium " to hear music.

Now, my other thought is that if we want to be " serious " about we not only have to have first rate headphones but first rate headphone amplifier and cables because everything will be dependent of this quality performance.

I think that a to achieve a top quality performance through headphones and use them like a " precision tool " we need to invest serious money.

Anyway good idea.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I use headphones when adjusting all aspects of my cart. VTA, VTF, Anti-skate, etc.. It makes it very easy to hear the differences and you don't have to go back to your listening position to hear what's going on. It is also much easier to hear it when your cart is not adjusted properly because of the detailed view headphones allow.

One of the keys, however, is getting to know what your headphones sound like first. I don't think you could just throw on some phones and make some adjustments and then go back to speakers. You really need to get accustomed to the sound of the phones and the sound of your vinyl through phones so you know what you are hearing.
For this job I would highly recommend the Sennheiser HD-800 with balanced harnass. These cans will definitely reveal the subtleties of minor VTA changes!