Headphones for 8...11 y.o children.

I listen to music, vinyl, CD, music videos and my children are playing Nintendo, PSP or XBox with SOUND which realy sucks. I'm not intended to discipline them because they don't do this habitual and long. Therefore I'd like to shop some headphones for them that are safe, comfortable for children and inexpensive.

Thanks for your help!
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I don't know what your budget is but I think you should consider the Sony MDR V6 headphones for the young ones. They can be had for under $100 and can take a pounding. I have them and use them for all sorts of listening when my other headphones aren't needed. They are not as pretty as Skull Candy or Monster Beats but IMO they sound a lot better. Excellent SQ and very flat. The only issue they may have is with perspiration if they wear them for a long time. There are velour pad replacements that help with this.




Good luck with the search.
I was going to suggest something a lot less pricey. Right in WalMart, they have the 19.00 Sony's. I used them when I was working outside in the yard. Shocked at how good they actually were.
The open-ness around the ears allows you to make sure if they are cranking things too high during gaming.
and if they break them, no great loss---but the things are pretty tough!