Headphone System CD Player Recommendations Please

Presently using Creative Jukebox 3 (with WAV files) as source, but looking to upgrade to CD player. I generally listen to all types of music (well, no Rap or Heavy Metal). My present audio equipment consists of Sennheiser HD 600 with Equinox Cable, Etymotic 4S, Headroom Cosmic Reference Amp with Base Station One Power Supply.

Some of the CD players that I am thinking about (came up with this list from researching posts here on audiogon) are Ayre CX7, Audio Research CD3 MKII, Arcam FMJ 33, MF Trivista, Marantz SA14 Ver2. Would appreciate some comments or critic, or even suggestions if there other players that I should be looking at. CD playback is the priority, SACD to be considered a bonus feature if available.

Thanks a bunch for your comments.
If you give us a budget, that would help. I think that there is a quite a range in price among those that you mentioned.
Naim CD 5i! Just switched to it and love it. Also consider the CDX2, but more money, but also upgradable with seperate power supply. The CD 5i sounds natural but with good energy to the music. It really draws me in. Better than the Marantz. Also consider RA Opus 21.
Thanks for the comments.

Swampwalker- trying to keep it below $5K. All of the players I listed above are just below $5K, except the Trivista, which is about $5,200.00 I don't mind stretching the budget a little if necessary.

Budrew-Thanks for the suggestion. I came across your post here looking for CD player as well. Looks like you got the CD5i. How much did you pay for the player, and what was the price for the CDX2? Happy listening. The HD600 is great, but from what I hear, the HD650 is much better.

Anyone else with some comments/ideas please.
The HD650 is better. Naim dealers won't discount products, at least in my experience; perhaps they would on whole systems. You can refer to the Naim North America web site for rpices. www.naimusa.com