headphone setup 500 used.

I'm tired to listen to freequent arguments from my wife which music I do have to listen. That's why I wish to get an inexpencive combo(prefere tubes) for headphone setup(amp/HF). Most of the time I'll be listening to "forbiden" or "banned" music that drives her crazy(well I can understand that). I listen not only to a traditional stuff but avant-grade, underground, progressive and many many kinds of "other music" most of my listening time.
I need non-fatiguing and comfortable to wear headphones that will be connected through headphone amp to my passive preamp.
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Take a look into www.head-fi.com. There are sections broken down into headphones and amps. I personaly love the Headroom maxed out reference and I know people who swear by tubes use it to. I also use either Etymotic ER-4S at work and or Senheisser HD-600 at home (ety's are 98% used most). I use a CD-3400/Theta Cobalt or Chroma for front end. Headphone listening is all these people really get into. Good luck and happy listening (w/o the wife).

P.S. my system cost about $1500 (amp new-hard to find used) but I do most of my listening on it being at work alot.
I also like the Sennheiser HD600s. I use them with a Headroom Cosmic. The Headroom gear has the option of allowing you to have the signal processed so it sounds more natural, less like it is resolving along the plane of your head. Many people also recommended to me the Grado RA-1, though I have never heard it. You could get the Senns and a used Grado amp within your budget.

If you stretch your budget a bit, you could get a used Stax tube or solid state headphone amplifier and earspeakers. The more expensive earspeakers offer better bass. In the older lineup, the signatures were better than the professionals and the professionals better than whatever the standard model was called. You can check out the current lineup at http://www.stax.co.jp/ENG/products.html. These models and the older models appear on Audiogon and Ebay from time to time, some of the olders models even at your specified price. A good set of earspeakers will give you better sound and are even more comfortable than the HD600s.
Right now Headphone is doing a US tour with stops in most major cities. If you live near one of the major cities, I would suggest trying to get to their presentation. They not only have all the HeadRoom products but the competition as well. They also have most all the various headphones to give a listen to as well.

Check their website for locations and times.

I really like the Senn, 600s-- very comfortable for long listening sessions. The Senn. 580s are almost identical to the 600s-- just less detailed and more "laid back". I can also recommend the HeadRoom Supreme-- built for travel, but works and sounds great at home too. Cheers. Craig
Thanks for great responces. I'm realy aiming for the nice match to Senn 600. Did anyone try MG? The traveling advice is also to my consideration since it'll give me a possibility to listen during work. I would probably get some portable MD player-recorder for this purpouse since I mostly listen to vinyls. I'll definitely go for the headphone auditioning to Terrytown on June 16.
I have 3 headphones here, Sony CD3000 is so much better than the Sennheiser 580 and Etyomotic, driven by Headroom.
I'll give a nod to Grado RS 2's. They are easy to drive and have a wonderful balance. The bass you can feel in your chest, mids are pure and the high are extended and sweet.

I listen to them for up to 1.5 to 2 hours without any problems. Later on match them with their headphone pre-amp or a tube amp and you have raised the bar progressively.
I've heard Grado RS as well through regular line preamp with headphone out. They sounded nice except they were extreamly uncomfortable to wear!
In addition to the websites mentioned above, also check out headwize.com.
Headphones are very personal choice. Not only does sound quality but comfort also matters.
While open back headphones like Grado and Sennheisers usually sound the best, if your wife is going to sit by you she may still complain that she can hear what's playing. This would mean you need a closed back 'phone which will limit your choices.
My personal favorites are the Grado's for open back headphones. While I use RS-2's, there are lower priced models that sound good. In regards to the Grado's comfort, I use the earpads from the Grado SR-60 on mine which helps alot, and I have to move my eyeglasses around so they do not press into the back of my ears.
For closed phones, I will recommend something different from what most will recommend, the Ultrasone HFI-600. I just posted a review of them on headwize.com. They are not easy to find but I think they sound better than any closed headphone I have heard and they can be driven by cheap, solid state electronics and still sound good.