Headphone plug assembly experience of UE900 to PH-3504RH.

It was mentioned before on Taiwan's audio forum, but it seems no one has to share, it should be considered the first open.
The previous I used headset is UE900, originally comes blue line and black line a lot of people feel bad, in fact, I think after RUN start is not bad, maybe not good enough as the imagine, but that does not mean I feel bad to like ___ (fill up by yourself), he blue line to listen to pop rock I feel quite fit, full of enthusiasm, and his great musical performance, the black line is a partial calm voice more excellent, very good to listen to live performance.
After listening for a while, I want to try on a different flavor, so start looking for some line upgrade, but because the pocket is not deep enough, so I had received second-hand, bought the first generation of Orpheus OC home, connected to a, uh ~ indeed improved, but feel the human voice seems a bit far, the performance is relatively stiff, musical instruments and treble performance will be good, now better than the original low-frequency but also some, but because I personally care about the full vocals in this regard, and therefore after a few days listening to think this is not me, plus find the headset connector at the end of bonding there was a slight excess glue, personally analities, although not affect the use, but the overall feeling bad decided not to stay
Although he left me, but I have pictures of him for a photo to commemorate.
Followed by a chance to take over the next version of the Friends of Oyaide HPC-SE (silver) this line upgrade, the versionbefore the one hand and Friends Since rarely used, the product can be said as 99% of new Azerbaijan. Before the time has TF10 (old UE era) in the not come and experience the O family out to upgrade the line of her pin at the bad, and in the use of a three-year TF10 RIP, they start with the B & W C5, Sennheiser IE60, but always felt could not find the sound you want, this recently after listening to various flagship, once again return to the embrace of UE bought UE900 (some people think may also be referred Logitech 900).
The family decided to start O lines to listen to it !! Made in Japen feeling good Ah ~ !! changed this line, deeply feel that this is the sound I want to find, in fact, full of great resolve, said cold in fact, better, bigger than the entire sound field pulled a lot, but this line of low frequency can say no more, and now a whole can be said to be feeling the dough, it sounds very comfortable, but a bit of music to listen to blood will feel not enough, it is not fast pace, listening to ghost Taiko, a little to the whole momentum, the momentum of the original line but a little better.

The disadvantage of this line before buying namely that he rhodium-plated terminals easily fade, (even though he was MIJ) but I think if you make good use of it should not be, can not think of one month after using the tragedy occurred, whole Avatar is like a year old, this line may sound very like me, since the decision to stay will get better, and began to help him find a suitable replacement terminals 3.5, has been turned and lost, then listen Yong Yi said the boss at the end of February a new ATL will be out of a head, so he decided to wait for the Fengyun head. After 1/30 listing found that there are three, but then I decided to choose the bottom of the remaining gold-plated rhodium-plated terminals 3.5, PH-3504RH, there are now just doing the activity, O Fengyun head home owners are willing to recycle price can be considered a little off, it can still cost is not low, but the root of a bite, put the wire towards the north mailed.
And so on a weekend, and finally received a package today, is happy dove ~~ !!!!

It is put inside the terminal change sent back HPC-SE

The fee is not defect 3.5 stereo terminal, in fact, it is also full of beautiful appearance

Behind the wire junction it is also very consistent

To a close-up, this is the bottom of the gold-plated rhodium-plated look elsewhere

Finally, of course, is it connected to the UE900.

It was shared by Chung Sume Hsien in Taiwan at MOBILE01.