Headphone output on the Mcintosh C2200

I recently purchased a new Mcintosh C2200 (Frank Gow commemorative) from Audio Classics. I am extremely happy with it but find that the headphone output seems to be extremely low (I ahve to crank the level up to 60 or so to really hear it. Is this normal ?. Many thanks in advance.
Various brands and models of headphones have different impedance's. On my McIntosh MA6600 it accepts headphones rated 16 to 250 ohms impedance. Normal would depend on the rating of your particular headset. Your headphones may need an even higher impedance thus requiring the proper outboard headphone amp. Or headphones even of the same basic model but with a more suitable impedance match.
I find my MA6600 coupled with the the headsets rated within the units range sound and work beautifully. Love having the headphone input on the McIntosh.
Congrats on your C2200 it is a dream.
Your Mac most probably doesn't use the same circuit for the headphones as it does for the speakers. It probably (like most components of this type) use a lower quality op amp to drive headphones. I, therefore, recommend the use of a seperate headphone amp.....much higher quality with no problems.
Thanks for the input. Recommendations for headphones and a headphone amp are most welcome
My favorite place is http://www.headphone.com/headphone-amps/amplifiers.php
Headphones may be more of a personal choice than speakers, that being stated I would easily recommend.....Grado { I have the Grado 325is}, Beyerdynamic, and B&W headphones. For a headphone amp the Schiit brand among a few others draw my attention. Your headphone input on your pre amp may preclude the need for a dedicated amp. With the proper headset impedance for your pre amp, you may find it too be excellent. Happy hunting.
All, thanks for the recommendations