headphone/integrated amp question

Is there a way to use headphones with an integrated that does not have a "headphone output"? Can I hook them up through the tape loops using a headphone amp? Reason I ask is that I am looking at integrated amps right now and one of my short list candidates is the Musical Fidelity A300 but it does not have a headphone output.

Thank you in advance!
Absolutely, the way you suggest is just perfect. One thing to consider is that many tape outputs are not buffered so, depending on the input impedance of your headphone amp, it may load down the preamp section of your integrated, or the source component if the preamp section is passive such as in some Creek products. It is often worse when the headphone amp is not powered up but still connected to the tape outs. The best thing to do is to disconnect the interconnects from the tape out jacks when not using the headphone amp. So what cans are you thinking of buying?
Thank you Viridian for the info. I already have the cans, the are the Grado SR80's. Not top of the line but very nice indeed!!!
Oh yes, you will enjoy them immensely; they are quite good. Any thoughts on a headphone amp?
I just started using an original headroom 'the max' (from www.headphone.com) with my sennheiser 580's. I don't know how it compares to the less expensive models, but I can't recommend one of these products enough. If you are happy with your current system, and optimal headphone performance is a concern, you might be well served by adding a headphone amp to your system. I know that grado makes a battery powered headphone amp that I see for sale in the 150-250 range here and there.

I have the max hooked up at work to my midfi phillips 880 cdr player. The headphone output of this thing is leagues better than any headphone output I've heard. It gives music a quietness, a purity of tone, and a sense of dynamic drive that I've never heard through headphones.

In the past I've listened to the following headphone outs with these same headphones. The $3000 sony was by far the best.

Very good
Sony xa7es cd player. (well behind the max w/phillips cdr880 !)

Pretty good:
macintosh mr-80
macintosh receiver 4275
higher end sony and panasonic portables w/battery.

phillips cdr880 (op amp blues)
denon 1025 receiver (hazy, but ok)

Denon 1520 (op amp blues, digititus)

Any computer.
phillips expanium mp3/cd player