Headphone I can stand for more than 1 hour

Every headphone I have ever had starts to drive me crazy after 1 hour. I started with the Sennheiser HD 414. Warm foam cushions and push too much on my ears. Tried the AKG K-1000. Too heavy and push on the side of my head. Grado SR 325 - too warm. Why can't anyone make a headphone that sounds good and one I can use for a couple of hours? Have you found a comfortable one yet?
Stax Lambda

How about Sennheiser HD580 or HD600.
I couln't be without my Sennheiser 570 at work! listen for hours at a time...very comfortable, great sound.
I agree with Sidssp, the 580 and 600 are very comfortable. For me they were the most confortable and best sounding of any traditional headphone I tried. Problem was I needed isolation (580 and 600 are open-air type) so I went with the Etymotic ER-4P. You might consider the Etymotic if you have problems with traditional headphones, but be forewarned they can't really be used while you are moving due to microphonics and some people do not like anything stuck in their ear!
Try MB Quart they are very light and comfortable. Mine are MB Quart 250. Sound wise I found them to be very close to Sennheiser HD580's and Beyerdynamic DT990. I fall asleep with them on all the time.
Good Luck
I agree about the HD600's. If you can't stand those, you probably won't be able to stand any headphones. I don't think the Grado 325's are too warm, but they are a little uncomfortable. The HD600 are more evenly balanced and very comfortable.
Sony makes a very comfortable open ear design-well ventilated.

Consider also a non-fatiguing headphone amp (tube rolling helps), and most importantly, some kind of crossfeed circuit which will reduce long run fatigue.
I have the Senn 590's and they are very light and comfortable. I've read several other threads which indicate the 570/590's are more comfortable then the 580/600's line, but I only had the 600's on for a short demo, so I can't really comment more then saying that they did seem a little heavier IMO.
Gee I kinda like my Stax Pro Lambna's, cost me $700 back in '90 and still going strong, I could never go back to dynamic type headphone the electrostatic is too revealing. They are big but not uncomfortable. Stax dedicated headphone tube amp is a must.. improvement over their voltage conversion boxes. Model 007t or something like that is what I use, sounds great.
The most comfortable phones that I have are: Sony R-10, Sony CD3000, Stax Omega II, Beyerdynamics DT-880, DT-770 Pro, DT-990 Pro, Sennheiser HD-600, Audio Technica W-100. I totally agree that the AKG K-1000s put a lot of pressure on your temple, as do most Grado headphones. Other than the Sony R-10's and Stax Omega II's, all of the other cans mentioned above are reasonably priced (from under $200 to $400 range) and widely available.
Beyerdynamic DT880 and AKG K501 should be all right for a long listening.
Certainly more comfortable than SR225.
Grado's RS1 is not as bad as the rest.
I'm a stax man. I have owned the Gamma and the lambda and they are comfortable and have the sound I crave.

Yeah....... what about the Sennheiser HD-580's or the HD-600's??? I happen to own a pair of Sennheiser HD-580's, and I have had mine for two years going now. And let me tell you, of all of the phones that I have owned in my life (mainly, the mass market shit that has came with the personal stereos that I have purchased over the last 20 years or so (and then I have also bought better phones when I have purchased my personal stereos, because the ones that always came with my portables have sucked worse than the 15 year old Hoover Vacuum Cleaner I have recently replaced)....... but I have tried out some AKGs and some Grados too...... because I wanted to buy some more serious phones for my audio system), the Sennheiser HD-580 are by far the most neutral sounding phones I have ever owned, and the most comfortable BY FAR. I was afraid that when these phones that these phones were going to be discontinued at first. But when I found out that Sennheiser is still going to continue manufacturing them, I was delighted by the revelation, as well as the price drop that has taken place at the time (from about $350.00 to about $200.00) at the time, so then, I went ahead and purchased me a pair. Don't have no regrets about doing so either.

I am thinking about either purchasing me a second pair for use with my audio system only, and continue using the pair I own now just for home theater and for portable listening.

I didn't mention that they sounded great with home theater either, did I???

Stax Lamba Pro - I can sit with them on my head indefinately - which is a problem! LOL.
Seenheiser 414 or 424. Smaller ones are light and more comfy. For uncomfortable ones, try lessening the tension they impose on the ears, by bending the top band - becomes more comfortable.