Headphone/Headphone Amps, NEED HELP

Dog just pee'd down my pre-amp and amp so my HI FI days are over for now. Would like to set up a nice Headset Rig!
Only thing I figure is starting with either Sennheiser or Grado's for a headset. I have a new Marantz CD player with a "out" for headsets but its not to good as far as sound or volume go's. The player has a real nice sound and would like to keep it if poss. What about a headphone amp? Were does it hook up to? Do I need a receiver? Know nothing, PLEASE HELP, all thoughts would be greatly appreciated. This would be for my unit for home. THANKS!!!
Head-Fi is a good place to start. They have information and units for sale. I like my Sennheiser HD600s and my ASL tubes headphone amp. Headphone rigs are very personal as far as fit, sound, and convenience. You could hook up your CDP RCA outputs to the headphone amp. Set a price and go for it.
"Dog just pee'd down my pre-amp and amp so my HI FI days are over for now."

CLASSIC! Thanks for the laugh.

I have been running a Channel Islands VHP-2 including VAC-1 power supply with Sennheiser HD-600's for about a year now. Very nice sound but then I have owned Senns for 30 years now, going back to HD-424's.
I use 600s with Creek SS. Gives my Stax a run.
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The Grado battery powered amp and headphones are a great combo.

The HD 600's are better suited to the Musical fidelity V3 as they need a lot of power.
My AKG 701 beat the heck out of my Sennheisers. You will still need a little amp with volume control though.
Another big vote for the AKGs , the cd player rca outs go into the head amp you plug your headphones into the headamps 1/4 jack/s and that's it. I have a Singlepower OTL called an "extreme" head amp which is stunning I also have a cyber 20 EL84 based Opera Consonance I would love to sell for next to nothing. It is a shame no one seems to need one with a massive outboard power supply and free OS Mullard EL-84s.