Headphone Connection Proceed AVP2 +6


I would like to connect headphones to a Proceed AVP2 +6. It doesn't have a separate headphone out connection. Can a standard output on the rear connectors possibly be used? I was considering one of the extra "L/R analog outs" with a convertor plug to convert the Proceeds' L/R RCA connectors to a standard 1/4 inch stereo headphone input connection.

Any experiences that someone may recommendation?

Thank you
It is very unlikely that you will be able to drive headphones satisfactorily directly from the Proceed. Stereo headphones typically have impedances in the range of 32 to 100 ohms or so, which is much too low to be driven from a typical line-level source.

The reason I use the words "very unlikely," instead of totally ruling it out as a viable possibility, is that the Proceed appears to have a very low 10 ohm output impedance. Which I suppose might make it possible that they could drive 100 ohm headphones with reasonably flat frequency response and reasonable volume.

But I would not bet on it, and a much better approach would be to feed a line-level output from the Proceed into a separate headphone amplifier. Audio Advisor has a nice looking selection of them, in the range of $300 or so.

-- Al
Al - Thanks. I'll read about Audio Advisor's headphone amps. I've been reading over Grado RS-1i's and am near drooling over them as a set of reference headphones.