headphone cable adaptor for xlr to 1/4 "

I have a pair of headphones and would like to use them for both my balanced input headphone amp via xlr and on my home theater receiver which only has a 1/4" input. I have a 15' balanced cable that I use now and I would prefer not to buy another headphone cable solely for my receiver and switch them out. I've seen some adaptors that go from XLR to 1/4" in pictures but have no idea where to find them. Any suggestions?
Have you tried Google? Not being nasty, just stating the obvious. Good luck in your search.
Parts express has any kind of adaptor made. Check out the site,or give them a call.
B&H has four pages of XLR to stereo phone adapters. Great company to deal with, too. There are some less expensive versions but I'd go for the Mogami.
I don't know if this is what you are looking for but this is the adapter I have to use for my modified AKG 701s when I listen to them on headphone amps that only had the 1/4" plug.

HeadRoom XLR-to-1/4


Good luck with the search.
Thanks everyone. It looks like the "dongle" is what I need. Funny name, but the Headroom adaptor should do the trick.