Headphone Amps with left/right volume control???

I'm have reduced hearing in one ear. I'm look for a headphone amp that has left/right level controls. I'd like it to be portable too, for using with an IPOd. Any suggestions?
I cant be the only audiophile with poor hearing in one ear???
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I think you are unlikely to find commercial amps with this feature. I would suggest you approach some of the well regarded DIY builders like voodoochili who post on head-fi.org. They might well be able to build something like this for you, and there are some very highly regarded DIY designs.
i would recommend you call , john grado at grado labs, he might be able to make you such an amp for youe needs, hope this helps!
There are many balanced amps with separate volume controls for the R and L.


You can get a GS-X headphone amp, it has balanced volume controls.

Do not go through Grado, they aren't great amp makers. The little Reference amp is not even that much better than a Pimeta DIY amp which costs $50.... yet they charge $500.

Headfi will have more than you'd ever want to know about headphones.
either of these will be able to help you out.Both offer great headphone amps, tube or SS.