Headphone Amps?

I have an integrated amp with no headphone out and only a connection for one pair of speakers. Actually I have 2 systems with the same cofig. How do I add a headphone amp?

Insert in tape loop or processor loop.
You have some options. If you want the headphone amp/ jack coming from your amplifier, it would be the output of the headphone amp to the input of your headphone amplifier. Similarly you can connect the amplifier directly to the CD player. Check out this manual for the Creek OBH 11 headphone amp for different set-ups

Your looking for a fixed volume output like a tape out.

My MD-209 doesn't have one, so I use a second set of outputs from my DAC direct into the headphone amplifier.
Thank you all. I already have a tube buffer in my epi. What about from pre out?

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Pre-out would work. If you get an HP amp w a pre-amp loop, you can go from the pre-out to the HP amp and back to the pre-in and then you won't have to swap interconnects around.
The problem with using pre-outs is that you would probably not have a convenient means of disabling the sound from the speakers while listening to headphones.

It looks like your AX-7e has tape outs, which presumably are "ahead" of the volume control in the signal path and therefore should be suitable, as was suggested above (assuming, as is likely, that the headphone amp has a high enough input impedance to be suitable for use with the tape outs).

Not sure what "tube buffer in my epi" refers to, or how that might be utilized for headphone listening.

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For the perfect answer, call Michael Weidmeyer at Ayre. He knows everything.
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Hello, I have a similar question about the ideal way to connect headphones to my integrated amp - it is the Portal Audio Panache. I bought it second hand, and therefore do not have the manual, and could not find one online.

My specific question is, should I use the 1/4" headphone jack on the front, or different outputs on the rear of the amp? The only info I could find online was in the stereophile.com review:

" I especially liked the convenience of being able to connect headphones directly. (This mutes the speaker inputs.) Headphones are driven from the power-amp stage, naturally (since there is no active line stage). A simple device takes the signal straight from the speaker output jacks and converts that signal for headphone use. With my Sennheiser HD600 and Grado RS-1 phones, the sound was exceptional. When you think what some people have paid for outboard headphone amps..."

The only other output on the rear of the Panache says "Record Out" and it looks to be an RCA jack. 

Do you think this reviewer was using the 1/4" jack on the front of the amp?

I think he was using the jack on the front. If you ever want another headphone amp, you probably can connect it to the "Record Out" outputs.
Thanks Yage. I don't want a separate headphone amp actually, but want to be able to use the Panache in its ideal fashion as a headphone amplifier. Is it better to hook up headphones to an amp  in a different manner?