Headphone amps

I have narrowed my search down to the Creek or Prelude.
They will be driving Senn 595's from a Parasound P3.
All comments and suggestions welcome, Steve
I'm very happy with mine. I have a Little dot 2+ that I bought off of Ebay. I was pretty nervous at first, but after I ordered it, I was very pleasantly surprised. I placed my order, and this unit was shipped on a Wed from China, and I received it on Saturday by courier.It sounds wonderful, and drives my senn 600's very easily. I bought from a guy named DavidZehe (or something like that) Highly recommended-and affordable!
I second the LD2+..I was amazed at the sonics of this little tube wonder. I use Senn 650's. Sounds glorious. You wont be dissapointed IMO.
Head-Fi is indeed the place to go, lots to browse through. There have been reports of some issues with some LD2+'s, and the manufacturer has changed the design.

It MAY have been the tubes amd not the amp, but the bottom line is the newest design uses a different tube set. The deal is a good one, though, so the new "++" version may be a great fit.

There are several solid state options as well as tubes. Again, search around on Head-Fi. You might get lost there, but there's a ton of good advice and experience.
I hadn't considered tubes- was leaning toward solid state.
Will check them out. Thanks, Steve