Headphone amps

I'm thinking about getting a pair of Stax 407 earspeakers I prefer listening to my speakers, but due to changes in my lifestyle, my "alone" time has changed quite a bit. My question is: Has anyone compared the Stax 006 amplifier to the Woo GES? I used to own Stax 404s and the 006 amp. I could easily live with that set-up again, but the Woo and the 407s are priced similarly to the 407 and 006 amp combo (around 2k). I have no way of listening to the Woo, so I'm looking for a little feedback from the audio community. I know that there are many different combinations out there, but I'm familiar with Stax and my budget hovers around 2k. Thanks for any suggestions.
Unfortunately my experience with Stax has been very limited. You can ask for advice on the head-fi community..i know some members have stax on their rig.