Headphone amp for Grado 125's ???

My "private, in the leather chair, by the fireplace, with a single malt scotch" listening station consists of Grado 125 headphones plugged directly into the headphone socket of a surprisingly good sounding Tivoli Model CD player (please don't laugh....it really sounds way better that I would have imagined). A RadioShack adapter fits in between the 1/4" plug of the Grados and the 1/8" socket of the Tivoli.
I'm willing to spend ~$200 to improve the quality of this nice little set-up.......What are your suggestions for a headphone amplifier, and would one really make an appreciable difference ? You can see from clicking on my "system" to see my main rig (in a different part of the house) to get an idea of how I like things to sound.
Thanks a lot.
While I haven't heard your setup I listen through a pair of Grado 325i's. In that price range I would look for used Channel Island VHP-1 and adding the upgraded power supply for a little more cash would be that much better
Check out Singlepower tube amps...not sure what their entry level tube amps run these days...but an older unit should fall in the range you are looking at. They drive my 125's beautifully as they are an easy load. Tubes make them sing and Singlepower is a great amp that is easy to tube roll.
Thanks guys.........Does anyone have experience with the Pro-Ject Headbox II, the Creek OBH-11, or the new Musical Fidelity V-CAN ??
The Grado headphone amp used is about $220 used.
Stay away from the Singlepower amps. Do a search and see all the ripoffs and trouble his amps have caused. www.head-fi.org. he got me for $6K and i am lucky compared to some of his customers. i have recomended his products in the past but many things have gone wrong from poor build quality, dangerous materials, to out right theft.
I would buy some portable amp with USB/DAC option, something like GoVibe Petite or Magnum, great with Grado's. This way you can use with your PC based system + as portable.
Singlepower amps are not within my scope of consideration. My headphone set-up is a fun little livingroom listening station, and my budget is only around $200.
I bought the Pro-Ject Headbox II with a 1/2 meter Audioquest Sidewinder interconnect ....total package $200.00. I was totally unimpressed with the initial sound, but after 60 hours of burn-in (easy to do with a CD on repeat for three straight days, and the Grado 125's tucked under a pillow so my three dogs wouldn't go crazy) I am now very happy. The whole sound of music is richer with more exrension top and bottom. Fuller, more satisfying sound compared to the phones plugged directly into the Tivoli. So, all things considered, a very worthwhile upgrade for my headphone listening pleasure.
Have you ever plugged your cans into the Rogue? I know that's not the room you use them in, but just wondering.
No.............I have not. But, since you've asked, I will try the Grado 125's plugged into my Rogue, and I will let you know. Meanwhile, I've been extremely happy up in my livingroom in front of the fireplace with my new headphone set-up, and there seems to be some very nice synergy between the Grado 125's, the Project Headbox II, and the Tivoli Model CD. My serious listening is still done in front of my Vandersteens, but the "cans set-up" is a fun alternative with my dogs and me in a relaxing state of mind.
One day later,....... Well, I tried my Grado 125's plugged directly into the Rogue Audio Cronus, and, WOW !!! Seems like a pretty perfect match. Eva Cassidy sounded incredible !