Headphone Amp for Focal Clear Headphones (Bryston BHA-1?)

I just bought Focal Clear Headphones. I'm mainly a Speaker person but wanted to be prepared for the day I can't turn the music up (to get a peek at the "Live Performance") if/when I have to move out of my home...you know...father time marches on! I love Bryston (have monoblocs and pre-amp) and was wondering if anyone has experience with these headphones with the Bryston BHA-1. The headphones are new (approx 4 hours on them) and my initial opinion is nice FULL bass with a warmth to the mids/highs. I'm more of a "Detail" guy (Love my Focal Sopra 2's) so my questions are:
1) How long (approx.) break-in.
2) What kind of change should I expect.
3) Will the BHA-1 brighten things up a bit i the mids/highs.

Thanks for your input 
Your phone's should settle in after about 20 hours and give you the majority of their tone but continue to break in for up to 100 hours after that. By the way nice phones, as far as the Bryston goes, I don't know how it would fair here, it is solid state and you would think that would get you to your goal. I too have set up a headphone system in the last 3 years for some of the same reasons you stated and settled in with tube headphone amps. Just took delivery of a Dennis Had Inspire headphone amp that is incredible, especially when you roll the tubes to your flavor, it really responds. This is one of those end game pieces of gear that you just smile when you turn it on. Enjoy the music
I can't speak specifically to the Bryston BHA-1 with the Focal Clear, but we use the BHA-1 as our reference headphone amp because they can drive everything to their fullest potential and transparently. The Audeze LCD headphone line benefits a lot from a capable headphone amp, and the BHA-1 is able to deliver.
Just heard about the Focal Arche HP amp. if anyone has heard it with the Focal Clear headphones (set on the "Clear" setting) would like to hear your opinion and how it improved (if it did) the "Clear" headphones.